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October 11, 2011 09:01 ET

TradeCard's Supply Chain Network in the Cloud Speeds Up With New Quarterly Releases

New Product Upgrades Delivered in the Cloud Every Three Months Allow Customers in 68 Countries to Instantly Leverage Enhancements to Improve Usability and Performance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2011) - TradeCard, Inc., the leading cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform that connects more than 7,800 retailers, brands, manufacturers and service providers, has accelerated its delivery of new products and features to customers. The latest release of the TradeCard Platform went live on October 3, 2011, marking the first quarterly TradeCard release.

The latest version of the TradeCard Platform focuses on system usability, featuring new enhancements for TradeCard's Work in Process™, Advanced PO Collaboration™ and Factory Xpress® products. TradeCard's cloud-based platform enabled all customers to migrate seamlessly to the new version on the go-live date.

"Companies today are seeking ways to rapidly implement new supply chain capabilities to increase customer responsiveness," said Bob Copeland, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy & Business Development at TradeCard, Inc. "At TradeCard, our cloud-based platform was designed to deliver updates and new products to customers around the world with minimal time and investment. Cloud is in our DNA and as a result, all of our customers are always on the latest version of TradeCard. Our move to quarterly product releases further extends our advantage as a leading cloud-based platform for the supply chain."

Release highlights include:

Work in Process and Advanced PO Collaboration Enhancements
The latest version of TradeCard extends its robust user interface-in-the-cloud to expedite the process of confirming or collaborating on purchase order information and work in process. TradeCard has developed a Microsoft Excel plug-in, providing users with a variety of options for updating data on the TradeCard Platform. Users can now download Work in Process and Advanced PO Collaboration data from the TradeCard Platform, work offline in Microsoft Excel and automatically synchronize data back to the TradeCard Platform.

Factory Xpress® Enhancements
TradeCard's best-in-class factory floor automation and visibility solution features new multi-select PO filters, quick error-checking tools and easier free-pack screens to improve the efficiency and accuracy of pack plan creation by factories. A new reporting tool enables brands and retailers to more effectively monitor factory advance shipment notices and their delivery status.

TradeCard delivers supply chain collaboration by connecting all parties and streamlining processes from planning and order placement to shipment and payment. TradeCard provides a single version of the truth to orchestrate complex supply network transactions. Document and workflow efficiencies achieved through use of the TradeCard Platform allow trading partners within a supply network to benefit from time and cost savings. Financial services offered by third party financial institutions through the TradeCard Platform lower trade financing costs and reduce credit related risks for suppliers. The combination of TradeCard's hosted technology platform along with its global support network provides trading partners with a low cost environment to transact. TradeCard's global network helps customers respond quickly to fast changing economic conditions.

About TradeCard, Inc.
TradeCard, Inc. is a leading supply chain collaboration platform that improves margin, cash flow and visibility for over 7,800 buyers, sellers and service providers in 60+ countries. TradeCard delivers a cloud-based network that facilitates complex multi-enterprise sourcing transactions across multiple layers of the supply chain. More than 38,000 individual users leverage the TradeCard Platform to streamline transaction flow from purchase order through production tracking, shipment and payment. Financial services offered by third party financial institutions on the Platform reduce trade financing costs and mitigate credit risk for suppliers. Multi-enterprise collaboration on the Platform delivers visibility into the movement of goods from raw materials to the store shelf. TradeCard's on-the-ground trade experts throughout the world allow entire supply networks to rapidly join the platform.

The world's leading retailers and brands leverage TradeCard's platform and member network for sourcing and global trade, including Levi Strauss & Co., Columbia Sportswear, Guess and Rite Aid. TradeCard, Inc. is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Brussels, Taipei, Seoul, Colombo, and Shenzhen. TradeCard is located online at

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