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March 03, 2008 08:00 ET

TradeDoubler Chooses Infobright for Advanced Data Warehouse Capabilities

Innovative Brighthouse Solution Enables Major Digital Marketer to Rapidly Analyze 105 Gigabytes per Hour

TORONTO--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - Infobright, an innovative analytic data warehouse provider, today announced that TradeDoubler, one of Europe's leading digital marketing companies, has selected its flagship Brighthouse solution to drive analysis of billions of online marketing transactions. TradeDoubler, which serves more than 1,500 advertisers through its 19 offices in Europe and Tokyo, selected Brighthouse after extensive testing that required the processing of complex queries on massive amounts of production data. TradeDoubler purchased Brighthouse for its ability to produce analytical results rapidly, seamless interoperability with TradeDoubler's MySQL database, and lower total cost of ownership.

"Each month we process and analyze data generated by 20 billion online transactions," said Ola Udén, chief technology officer of TradeDoubler. "Advertisers throughout Europe rely on us to provide fast, actionable information from their digital marketing campaigns. We are pleased by Brighthouse's performance and the fact that we now can get answers to questions we want to ask. Our IT group is impressed with how easy this solution is to maintain. We believe that Brighthouse will enable us to provide the service and responsiveness our customers demand."

TradeDoubler provides performance-based digital marketing programs, enabling its customers to generate brand awareness or direct response via new e-media opportunities. Analyzing terabytes of data about the results of its programs is central to the company's success. Before Infobright, TradeDoubler found that it could not quickly produce the detailed statistics and business analysis required, and in the most extreme cases, could not resolve the queries at all. Because TradeDoubler was already using MySQL AB, the world's most popular open source database, the company decided to put Brighthouse to the test.

Brighthouse at TradeDoubler

With Brighthouse, Infobright has reinvented data warehouse architecture from the ground up, delivering a solution that works smarter, rather than harder. In sharp contrast to other data warehouse solutions that require labor intensive data partitioning and indexing, Brighthouse achieves breakthrough performance -- particularly for highly complex, ad-hoc queries -- through its flexible, patent-pending Knowledge Grid and integrated Optimizer.

TradeDoubler evaluated Brighthouse for a statistically intense project. Brighthouse was loaded on a standard Dell SC1950 1U rack chassis server, demonstrating its ability to leverage the capabilities of off-the-shelf hardware. Extraction and transformation of data from the Oracle database was accomplished with the widely adopted Pentaho Kettle 3.0.1 solution. More than 3.2 billion rows of data were loaded into the Brighthouse analytic warehouse at an average rate of more than 300,000 rows per second. Though data compression rates varied depending upon data type, Brighthouse compressed fact tables at a ratio of 20 to 30:1.

Comparable operations performed on the company's Oracle 9 Enterprise Edition database (with partition option) running on a Sun Sparc V480 were terminated after approximately two hours of processing.

"Brighthouse performed extremely well," noted Mats Johansson, senior consultant at Lincube Group AB, the organization that conducted the testing. "It handled huge volumes of data and resolved queries faster than I have ever witnessed after years in this industry -- and did so using standard hardware."

The POC decisively demonstrated that accessing large amounts of data with a traditional RDMS architecture required massive parallel processing capabilities.

"We're gratified that TradeDoubler has chosen Brighthouse," said Miriam Tuerk, president and CEO of Infobright. "Online marketing and advertising campaigns generate staggering amounts of data, and it all requires analysis. Some solutions handle routine, or 'canned' queries comfortably, but the complex, in-the-moment queries we excel at frankly slows these products down to the point that they are unusable. Brighthouse meets TradeDoubler's needs for fast responses and will serve the company well as it moves into the future."

About TradeDoubler

Traditionally a pan-European digital marketing company, TradeDoubler has extended its reach into the Asia Pacific region with the launch of td Technology in Japan and now enjoys a global presence. TradeDoubler's performance-based digital marketing products and services provide companies with the tools and expertise to drive results online whether they are looking to generate sales or drive brand awareness. Headquartered in Sweden, the company boasts a unique global reach with local offices in 18 countries. With a breadth of expertise across multiple industry sectors and a network of more than 120,000 website publishers TradeDoubler helps deliver online results for over 1,600 advertisers globally including a mix of local and international companies such as Apple Store, Dell, Telia Sonera, eBay and Kelkoo. Please visit for further information.

About Infobright

Infobright is taking a radical new approach to data warehousing. Infobright's Brighthouse analytic data warehouse software is designed to answer some of the most complex, detailed questions involving massive amounts of information, and answer those questions today, not next week. By fundamentally reinventing data warehouse architecture, Brighthouse "works smarter, not harder." Brighthouse achieves breakthrough performance, while eliminating the need for indices, data partitions, and other physical data structures, as well as the need to deploy large hardware systems. By delivering the most powerful and usable analytic data warehouse, Infobright is enabling companies to bring a whole new level of information intelligence to business operations. For more information, please visit

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