Schneider Trading Associates

Schneider Trading Associates

December 21, 2011 04:00 ET

Traders Who Can Manage Their Emotions Have the Edge, Says Schneider

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 21, 2011) - Losses, as well as gains, are part of the course for a professional trader but it is those who control their emotions in both positive and negative situations that ultimately have the edge in the long term, says Schneider Trading Associates (STA) who has 250 professionals working in its trading arcade in London and also runs a sponsored graduate training scheme.

Whether it's a lack of certitude, too much confidence, anger or frustration, when emotions flare for a trader, the success of his or her trades can be compromised, resulting in a downward spiral. A string of losses can affect one's self-belief much more than ones account balance and managing any emotional fallout is something that STA believes traders should learn to do. During the initial four weeks of training on Schneider's Professional Trader Programme, candidates not only learn how to become a trader but also how to understand one's own psychology and learn how to rebound from highs and lows.

Head of training at STA, Matt Silvester, said: "Emotions can affect the way a person trades and these often are heightened following a few losses or a few gains. Also it is important to distance oneself from those around you on the arcade and not compare your own trades to theirs. We have a psychologist working with other trainers on our Professional Trader Programme to help our trainee traders not let emotions get in the way.

"We teach traders to be pragmatic about losses, however small, and to view them as part of a career in trading; if you expect losses to happen it becomes a rational thought, rather than a negative one, and allows you to accept them more easily. Removing your emotional attachment and examining what went wrong is one way traders can improve and STA's four week training and on-going three year mentorship programme is designed to make each person the best that they can be."

Visit for more information about STA's free Professional Trader Programme as well as the self-employed trading jobs that result from successfully completing the course assessments. Join in the conversation with the London trading and broking firm on Facebook schneidertrading and Twitter, @schneidertrader.

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