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July 09, 2012 10:00 ET

Tradeshift Announces Real Supplier Choice Movement Designed to Empower Suppliers & Small Business

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 9, 2012) - Tradeshift, the fastest growing online, global business network and e-invoicing platform announced their Real Supplier Choice Movement.

The San Francisco, CA based company made the announcement from Brussels at the e-invoicing annual conference and is encouraging suppliers to stand up against the business models of e-invoicing companies such as Ariba and OB10 which charge expensive fees to submit invoices through their systems. The accompanying graph details how these costs accumulate annually.

Tradeshift's business model allows suppliers to submit unlimited e-invoices for free. This model benefits buyers as well who see much higher supplier adoption rates on the Tradeshift Network.

Tradeshift CEO, Christian Lanng, in a statement from Brussels, explained what the campaign is all about. "We are very excited to be bringing Real Supplier Choice to the e-invoicing sphere. We haven't seen much evolution over the years when we look at e-invoicing business models. Suppliers have been getting the short end of the stick and footing the bill for everyone for a long time. It doesn't have to be that way. We can provide wonderful invoicing and networking solutions that provide value to everyone -- on either side of the transaction. Listening to suppliers is long overdue, and listening to suppliers' needs will ultimately benefit their customers as well. It's truly a win-win," said Lanng.

The Real Supplier Choice campaign is a grassroots movement designed to elevate the voice of small business and suppliers. The goal is to learn exactly what hardships suppliers experience from being forced to use large, corporate EDI systems and expensive electronic invoicing platforms such as Ariba and OB10, to submit their invoices. Suppliers are encouraged to visit the Real Supplier Choice Website to fill out a short form and ensure their voices are heard. Tradeshift reaches buyers at eye level, introducing their open standards and free for suppliers business model, including all the benefits sandwiched in between, and why everyone wins.

Tradeshift understands that a fundamental change is underway. The ways in which companies communicate and conduct business are evolving at a rapid pace thanks to cloud computing and big data.

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