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September 18, 2014 18:36 ET

TradeTech Releases Uranium Market Analysis

Spot & Long-Term Price Forecasts

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2014) - As TradeTech releases Issue 3 of its Uranium Market Study 2014, the industry consultant's U3O81 Spot Price Indicator has fallen to the lowest level since April 2005, as the nuclear fuel cycle industry remains focused on pivotal issues, including recent actions by uranium producers to defer certain projects or close operating mines.

In the latest quarterly issue of the Uranium Market Study, TradeTech continues its evaluation of market dynamics and identifies root causes of current trends, while incorporating the underlying fundamentals into the latest long-term uranium supply and demand analysis. The report also includes spot and long-term uranium price forecasts through 2030.

"Today's oversupply situation in the uranium market has resulted in soft demand, which, in turn, has put pressure on producers to preserve margins. The market as a whole is assessing how long a weak uranium price environment can last and at what cost," states TradeTech President Treva E. Klingbiel.

Issue 3 evaluates source of long-term uranium demand and reviews projects that are best positioned to meet future supply needs, as well as those that may be affected by current market conditions. Central to this evaluation is the report's feature analysis of oversupply in today's uranium market and the practice used to place this material into forward-looking contracts. TradeTech has termed this opportunistic contracting practice "Demand Drift," which suggests that excess uranium will find a home in spite of relative need in the marketplace. "Opportunistic buying has emerged as an economical option due to discounts available in today's spot and mid-term markets coupled with low interest rates," Klingbiel explains.

TradeTech's Uranium Market Study Issue 3 also provides in-depth reviews of pivotal uranium projects, selected junior exploration and mining companies, and project financing, as well as secondary uranium supplies, supply/demand data, and supplier and utility profiles.

As a complement to the uranium study, TradeTech has released its annual Enrichment Market Study 2014, which reviews the uranium enrichment marketplace and provides an analysis of enrichment supply and demand; in particular, the report examines the evolving relationship between the uranium and enrichment markets. This report also features TradeTech's Long-Term SWU2 Price Forecast through 2030.

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1 Uranium oxide concentrate, the mixture of uranium oxides produced after milling uranium ore from a mine, sometimes referred to as "yellowcake."

2 SWU, or Separative Work Unit, is a complex unit that is a function of the amount of uranium processed and the degree to which it is enriched, i.e., the extent of increase in the concentration of the U-235 isotope relative to the remainder.

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TradeTech, and its predecessor companies -- NUEXCO Information Services, CONCORD Information Services, and CONCORD Trading Company -- has supported the uranium and nuclear fuel cycle industry for more than 40 years, and is widely recognized for its expertise in trading activities and its comprehensive knowledge of the technical, economic, and political factors affecting this industry. TradeTech provides expert market consulting, participates in the buying and selling of uranium products and services, and maintains an extensive information database on these industries.

The company publishes the Nuclear Market Review (NMR), which reports TradeTech's Weekly U3O8 Spot Price Indicator, uranium trading activity, industry news, and market data. The monthly edition of the NMR, published on the last day of each month, includes TradeTech Market Values (Exchange Value, UF6 Value, Loan Rate, Conversion Value, SWU Value, and Transaction Value) and Mid- and Long-Term U3O8 Price Indicators, as well as price analysis, supply/demand data, and industry news. TradeTech also publishes The Nuclear Review, a monthly trade publication dedicated to the international nuclear power industry, and a quarterly Uranium Market Study, which provides timely analysis of the global uranium production industry, including spot- and long-term uranium price forecasts.

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