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June 15, 2012 05:47 ET

Trading Evolution AG - Announces a successful First Financial Year 2011

Trading Evolution AG - Announces a successful First Financial Year 2011

Munich,15th June 2012 - Trading Evolution AG announces its consolidated financial results from incorporation
on January 10, 2011 to December 31, 2011.

Key figures

- Revenue of EUR 1,868,992
- Net profit of EUR 1,664,713
- Earnings Per Share EUR 1.33


In its first financial year Trading Evolution AG has laid down the firm foundation for a healthy and
sustainable business:

-  The Company's capital was increased to EUR 1,250,000.
-  Trading Evolution AG was listed on the Deutsche Börse on 18.10.2011.

-  Acquired Treasure Spring Holdings Ltd. in May 2011, to accelerate further growth.
-  It acquired its own Proprietary Trading Floor which uses the latest algorithms to generate income
   from excess funds efficiently.
CEO Tristan Tabori stated:  "As with every fairly new company, the formation years are the most critical.
Our first financial year was set against the background of a turbulent world economy, but our efforts have
proven their worth. We have prepared the foundation of a successful business which we can build on in the
years to come. We are convinced we have the right strategy and products to face the challenges of the future
in order to bring value to our stakeholders and investors."

Positive outlook for the future

2012 will undoubtedly be an interesting year, but the Company's Management has a positive outlook for the

The Company will be maintaining its strategy of supplying products targeted at its core business area, which
is distribution of Software, various IT Hardware and Consumer Electronics products and will incubate
BotTrading(TM) related companies by partnering with them. Furthermore it will be adding a string to its
Software division through the development of Mobile Gaming Applications.

Trading  Evolutions  AG  distributes software together with IT Hardware and Consumer  Electronics  products
through  its  subsidiary.  It also operates a Proprietary Trading Floor using BotTrading(TM) Technology  which
trades automatically on the Futures market without human intervention.

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