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February 16, 2016 14:50 ET

Trading Queen, Inc. Announces Rooibos Rocks Tea Now Available on

Popular Rooibos Tea Brand Now Sold on Health Product Website

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - February 16, 2016) - Trading Queen, Inc., a family owned business based in Cape Town, South Africa, announced its signature Rooibos Rocks rooibos tea is now available for purchase on, a popular website for health and nutritional products. 

Rooibos Rocks tea was born out of a love of the local brew by Madeleine Stokes and her husband Christopher who emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa from the United Kingdom. Upon becoming familiar with and personally experiencing the numerous health benefits of the tea, they decided to develop their own premium brand that they could bring to market so consumers around the globe could also enjoy the many health benefits derived from drinking rooibos tea.

"We are delighted to announce that Rooibos Rocks is now available for purchase on," said Madeleine Stokes, Co-Founder of Rooibos Rocks. "This is another exciting step forward for our product. RevNutrition's health conscious consumers are looking for healthier beverage options. The health benefits linked to rooibos tea makes Rooibos Rocks a perfect fit for its customers" explained Stokes.

Rooibos Rocks is an outstanding, hydrating drink suitable for anyone and everyone; from the young to the young at heart. Because Rooibos is naturally caffeine and sugar free, it is perfect for pregnant and nursing moms and promotes restful sleep. Certified USDA organic, Rooibos Rocks is grown sustainably only in the gorgeous Cederberg region, in the Western Cape of South Africa, often referred to as the 'homeland' of the rooibos plant.

Additionally, Rooibos tea helps support the immune system and contains powerful and unique antioxidants that fight free radicals (a by-product of normal cell function which weakens the body's natural defences). Widely dubbed as a 'wonder herb', this versatile red tea is the only known source of the potent antioxidant, Aspalathin. Rooibos is also a source of the rare Nothofagin flavonoid and the super-antioxidant Quercetin which is believed to protect the heart and reduce inflammation. Its anti-aging properties, weight-loss support and stress-reducing capabilities further benefits a wide variety of people. Rooibos tea is also carb free and vegan friendly. 

The tea's flavor is aromatic and full-bodied, with sweet undertones, whilst presenting a unique earthy, red color. Due to its low tannin count, it manages to avoid the bitter aftertaste found in black and green teas. Trading Queen has made sure to embrace the brand's South African heritage with colorful, local-style artwork found on all its packaging.

"Rooibos tea combines delicious taste with a range of immune boosting benefits and has been used in South Africa for generations to treat allergies, infant colic and digestive issues. This is truly a unique and versatile product that healthy minded individuals cannot pass up and we can't wait for more people to try Rooibos Rocks thanks to our partnership with" enthused Stokes.

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