SOURCE: Trading Queen, Inc.

December 21, 2015 10:34 ET

Trading Queen, Inc. Bringing Rooibos Rocks Tea to American Market

Popular Brand of Rooibos Tea to Make United States Debut

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 21, 2015) - Trading Queen, Inc., a family owned and operated business based in Cape Town, South Africa, announced it is bringing its signature Rooibos Rocks rooibos tea to the American Market.

Madeleine Stokes, Co-Founder of Trading Queen, initially became interested in rooibos tea after emigrating to Cape Town from the United Kingdom. She and her husband noticed rooibos tea was a staple of the local diet, and everyone from toddlers to nursing moms to elderly people drank it. They soon became lovers of the tea themselves, and after becoming familiar with the health benefits, they decided to begin producing their own premium quality brand that they could market throughout South Africa and beyond.

"The more we researched, the more we knew rooibos was the ideal product for us," said Stokes. "It tastes delicious, is very versatile, and has a variety of clinically proven health benefits. We can't wait to make it more widely available to markets across the world, including the United States."

Those health benefits are numerous and make Rooibos Rocks an outstanding source of nutrition for people of all ages. Its naturally caffeine-free composition helps promote healthy sleep and makes Rooibos an ideal drink for those with caffeine intolerance. Trading Queen's rooibos is certified USDA organic, grown sustainably in the pristine Cederberg region of the Western Cape in South Africa, the "homeland" of the rooibos plant. It provides immune system support and may protect against chronic degenerative lifestyle diseases thanks to its wealth of antioxidants. It also has a variety of natural anti-aging properties and is an excellent tool to assist in weight loss, since it contains zero calories. It may help to reduce stress as its unique anti-oxidant Aspalathin (found nowhere else in nature) limits production of the stress related hormone Cortisol.

Rooibos Rocks presents with an earthy red color; it has a naturally sweet, full-bodied and unique aromatic flavor and, due to its low tannin count, manages to avoid the bitter aftertaste found in black and green teas. Trading Queen has made sure to pay homage to the brand's South African heritage with colorful, local-style artwork and typical lingo on its packaging. Stokes and the rest of the company have spent years researching Rooibos, its history and its benefits, and feel confident that American consumers who give it a try will be pleasantly surprised.

"It tastes great, it's extremely healthy and is indigenous to a beautiful region of the world," said Stokes. "We are looking forward to reaching out to more people than ever before with Rooibos Rocks and to give them the opportunity to experience the taste of natural Rooibos tea, just the way we drink it here in South Africa."

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