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August 28, 2009 02:00 ET

Trading Statement


Antnano  plc  ("ANTnano", or "the Company") announces its trading statement for the 9 months  ended  31st  July
2009.  The  figures  below  are unaudited but have been reviewed by the company's  auditors  RMT  before  being

Financial highlights (compared to previous 9 months period ending 31st July 2008.)

- Sales slightly down on previous period with higher pipe -line orders. ie GBP 301,869 vs GBP 319,364

- Cost of sales reduced from GBP 499,017 to GBP 411,979.

- Administration costs reduced from GBP 1,839,994 to GBP 934,995.

- Retained loss on ordinary activity down from GBP 1,845,641 to GBP 925,672.

Mr Joe Arend, Chairman, said:

The company has worked hard in transferring its main Research and Development facilities to Singapore, while at
the  same time reducing UK costs. This has resulted in the company becoming more efficient and focused  in  its
activities.  It is worth noting that overall, despite cost cutting, the company's head count of scientists  has
increased,  and  will  continue  to do so in the near future as a result of the  grants  we  have  procured  in
Singapore.  The  company now moves firmly out of pure research and development mode and now  into  sales  mode.
Pipeline  orders  and firm contract negotiations look positive for the reminder of the year.  We  believe  your
company  will emerge from the global recession in a financial position to allow us take full advantage  of  the
opportunities that will be available.

The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


Joe Arend, Chairman and CEO
AntNano Plc
Tel: 01740 625283

Jon Isaacs
Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited
Tel: 020 7251 3762

Editor's Notes:

1.  ANTnano  products  provides the precise detection of minute discharges into  the  environment  of  airborne
contaminates, including explosive residues (such as dynamite); biomedical elements (viruses and bacteria); and,
biochemicals (enzymes and estrogens);

2. ANTnano is based in Sedgefield, U.K. and Singapore.

Issued by: AntNano Plc, Thomas Wright Way, Netpark, Sedgefield, TS21 3FD.

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