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August 28, 2009 03:00 ET

Trading update

28 August 2009

                                            AQUARIUS MEDIA PLC
                                       ("Aquarius" or the "Company")
                                              Trading Update
Since  the last trading update on 21 May, the Directors of Aquarius are pleased to provide a follow up  for
the  quarter  to  August  2009  and  can announce that Full Portion Media Limited,  the  Company's  trading
subsidiary, has been successful in signing the following clients:

Glenn  Armstrong  has appointed Full Portion Media as his publicist.  The 49 year-old property  millionaire
whose  portfolio of 193 properties is worth over £30 million believes that the property market  is  turning
and  changed significantly in March 2009, therefore believed this to be the right time for his business  to
invest  in  PR for the foreseeable future. Glenn has gone on to share his knowledge with would-be investors
up  and  down the country in their dream to become truly financially free; at least 24 of his students  are
now  equity  millionaires.   Through an integrated PR campaign Glenn is looking to  increase  his  personal
profile  and  his company's profile; he is looking to enrol more students on his course and  to  find  more
mentees  and armchair investors who he can mentor. Glenn's publicist team is headed up by Natalie Whitlock,
Account  Director, whose clients also include Crystal Palace football club Chairman Simon Jordan and  motor
offence solicitor Jeanette Miller.

Full  Portion  Media  has  signed Saville Consulting, an international group of work  psychologists,  human
resource,  business  and  IT  consultants,  specialising  in  the  attraction,  assessment,  selection  and
development  of talent at work. Peter co-ordinates the international activities and is heavily involved  in
new  product development, training and consultancy.  Professor Saville has just completed his latest  book,
Talent,  with  Tom  Hopton released on 8th July 2009. In Talent, successful individuals from  many  diverse
fields share their results from Saville Consulting's scientifically-established Wave personality test. Full
Portion  Media were appointed to publicise the launch at The Cumberland Hotel in London and on  an  ongoing
basis to promote the work of Peter Saville and Saville Consulting.

Steve Connor, founder of The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV), has appointed Full Portion Media
to  handle their PR campaign. The NCDV is a national charity which provides a free, fast emergency  service
for men and women who have been affected by domestic abuse. The charity works in close conjunction with the
police, uniquely allowing anyone to apply for a court injunction within 24 hours of first contact. The NCDV
is  open around the clock, 7 days a week via free phone or through an integrated PR
campaign Full Portion Media will aim to raise awareness of the charity's services to the public, police and
other relevant authorities. Heading up the team is PR Account Director Natalie Whitlock.

Full  Portion  Media  pitched against 5 other PR agencies for the contract to represent  The  Institute  of
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery last month. Teresa Quinlan, Director of Full Portion Media, said that the
secret  to  their  success was that "we were prepared; our strategy was direct and really identified  their
main  PR objectives".   Full Portion Media will embark upon a consumer and trade orientated campaign  aimed
at  creating  brand  awareness  to  build  and  maintain a  profile  for  The  Institute  of  Cosmetic  and
Reconstructive  Surgery  globally  as  the UK's leading provider of cosmetic,  reconstructive  surgery  and
aesthetics.   The  campaign  will  promote individuals representing  the  Institute  as  experts  in  their
specialist  field, including Mr. Dai Davies, Mr. Nick Percival and Caroline Mills to obtain  print,  online
and  broadcast coverage.  David Butler, spokesperson for the Institute comments "We are looking forward  to
working     with     the     team     at    Full    Portion    Media     to     achieve     our     goals."

The  directors  are encouraged by this steady flow of new clients and hope to maintain the momentum  in  an
uncertain economy.

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement.


Aquarius Media plc:              Adam Ward                Tel: 01732 836 180

Fisher Corporate Plc:            Gary Miller              Tel: 0207 388 7000

The  Company's business activities are conducted through its trading subsidiary, Full Portion Media Limited
("FPM"). FPM  is  a  public relations business which aims to create, launch and  sustain
clients   in  prominent   positions  within  the  media.  FPM takes a very  hands-on  approach  to
public  relations, organising day events, promotion sales and launches, press conferences, media interviews
and reviews.  It also provides guidance to clients on managing media interest.

FPM's strategy is to expand its client base and exploit the rapidly escalating interest from  the
public in the cult of celebrity.

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