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March 29, 2010 05:28 ET

Trading Update

29 March 2010

                                        AQUARIUS MEDIA PLC
                                   ("Aquarius" or the "Company")
                                          Trading Update

The Directors of Aquarius are pleased to report the following update in trading.

Full  Portion  Media  have successfully secured Jean-Christophe Novelli to promote  an  integrated
advertising  campaign  for  Flora  in conjunction with Lexis PR.  The  world  renowned  chef  will
spearhead  Flora's campaign to help 11 million people in the UK lower their 'Heart Age'  by  2020.
The  gross contracted value payable to Jean-Christophe Novelli is approximately £130,000, of which
Full Portion Media will receive 20%.

"This  is  a  fantastic  opportunity to oversee a large integrated campaign across  several  media
platforms including print, broadcast and online," said Teresa Quinlan, CEO of Full Portion  Media.
"It's  a  challenging  but  rewarding project that enables us  to  use  the  full  extent  of  our

As  part  of  the  campaign, Jean-Christophe has also been lined up to  co-host  a  new  primetime
television programme for Channel 5, "Family Food Fight" produced by Cineflix productions  and  due
to  broadcast  in May. The Michelin-starred chef will train a different family each week  to  cook
healthier versions of their favourite family recipes.

The  family  will then go up against another competing family who will be trained by "rival"  chef
Matt  Tebbutt.  What neither family are aware of is that they will have to prepare their  culinary
masterpieces in front of 40 diners in a central London restaurant. These diners will then vote for
their  favourite  meal  with  only  one family emerging victorious.  All  the  recipes,  tips  and
interviews with Jean-Christophe Novelli will be available on

'Heart  Age'  is  based on a well-established tool called Framingham risk score which  provides  a
validated  way of determining a person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease over  the  next
ten  years.  Heart Age is calculated using information about factors that are influencing people's
heart  health such as age, gender, blood pressure, total and HDL (good) cholesterol,  smoking  and
diabetic status.

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement.


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The Company's business activities are conducted through its trading subsidiary, Full Portion Media
Limited  ("Full Portion"). Full  Portion  is  a  public relations business which aims  to  create,
launch  and  sustain  clients  in prominent  positions  within  the  media.  Full Portion takes  a
very  hands-on approach to public relations, organising day events, promotion sales and  launches,
press conferences, media interviews and reviews.  It also provides guidance to clients on managing
media interest.

Full  Portion's strategy is to expand its client base and exploit the rapidly escalating  interest
from the public in the cult of celebrity.

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