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February 18, 2009 02:00 ET

Trading Update

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                                                TRADING UPDATE
The  Directors  of  WMS  announce today that Minex Technologies has made a substantial change  to  its  process
reducing operational problems and providing for a more economical operation.

The  vapour  chlorination  extraction process developed by Minex allows for the extraction  of  metals  from  a
variety of sources, including ores, concentrates and wastes produced by mining processes. The process developed
by  Minex  comprises contacting a metal-containing source with a vapour phase chloride salt  (usually  ammonium
chloride),  condensing the metal-containing vapour phase product (thereby extracting the metal from its  source
in the form of a metal chloride compound) and recovering the extracted metal from the condensed product. Metal-
containg  ores may be ground and roasted prior to chlorination at a high enough temperature to remove sulphides
present in the ore (by conversion to sulphur dioxide).

The underlying principle of vapour phase chlorination as a means of metal extraction is well known, however the
process  developed by Minex has the potential to be more cost-effective and less environmentally  harmful  than
other conventional extraction methods (such as cyanide extraction) and at less capital cost than autoclaving.

Furthermore,  Minex  Technologies reports that it has been introduced to three different  organizations,  which
between  them  have over forty two million tonnes of metallurgical waste for re-processing. Minex  Technologies
Limited  has already tested samples from two of the three with successful commercially viable results.  Testing
is  on-going  with  a Competent Persons Report authored by SRK expected in April 2009. The  Company  remains  a
passive investor in Minex Technologies Limited.

The Directors of the Issuers accept responsibility for this announcement.



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