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November 10, 2011 10:48 ET

Trading Update

Trading Update
November  2011

                                       ZETA COMPLIANCE GROUP Plc
                                        (PLUS-Quoted Code: ZCG)
                                            Trading update
The Company has made progress in the year with continued revenue growth and seeing The Fire Strategy
Company Limited (now Zeta Fire Services) acquired in May 2010, start to make a positive return.

What is also being felt though is the reality that extreme pressure on our clients in our existing
business has reduced it to near commodity status with a severe impact on pricing. Overall demand has
been deferred and reduced.

We believe competitors have reacted with very low pricing and/or reducing the quality of their
service. Whatever we think, that's a reality today and we don't expect it to reverse.

The result in the current financial year is likely to be materially below market expectations.

The Company is taking immediate action to ensure that costs are reduced where ever possible, and a new
more focused company structure will be implemented.  All areas of the company are under review.

Confidence in the future is still well founded as our latest major software release, ZetaSafe2, has
just been released to significant client acclaim. We are sure that our software offering will keep
Zeta at the leading edge of the compliance software market.

The Directors of Zeta are responsible for the contents of this announcement.

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Zeta Compliance Group plc
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About Zeta:

Zeta   provides  products,  services  and  technologies  that  enable  organisations  with  large
estates systematically  meet their Environmental, Health and Safety obligations. Zeta carries out  Risk
Assessment and  Monitoring  services in respect of fire and water risk management and air hygiene.
Zeta  also  has  a Carbon  and  Energy  division providing technical and strategic consultancy
services to clients  addressing increasing regulatory obligations such as Air Conditioning
Inspections, Energy Performance Certificates and a  full  range of Energy Management Consultancy
Services (CRC). Zeta's Technology division has developed  a complete web-based statutory compliance
system (ZetaSafe(R)).

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