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June 13, 2008 04:41 ET

Trading update (Moscow)

13 June 2008
                                    TOWER GATE CAPITAL LIMITED
                                          Trading Update

The  Directors of Tower Gate Capital Limited ("TGC" or "the Company") are pleased to announce that
the  Company has entered into a trading relationship with Core Investments in Moscow. As  part  of
this  relationship,  the Company will utilise staff and office facilities at Core  Investments  in

Core Investments (for more information, see has a similar business model to the
Company and provides investment and advisory services.

Core  Investments  is  run  by  Vladimir Sidorov, a Russian banker  with  many  years  experience,
including at NIKoil (one of the largest Russian banking groups), at Olma Investments, and  Arussco
Inc.,  a  boutique investment banking partnership with US group Fidelity. Mr Sidorov has a  degree
from the Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics with a Major in experimental nuclear physics  and
quantum mechanics.

This new trading arrangement, enhances the Company's ability to operate within new markets, and to
assist companies based, or companies investing in, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The directors of Tower Gate Capital Limited accept responsibility for this announcement.

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