March 14, 2011 12:09 ET

Traditional Methods of Data Capture Remain The Most Accurate, Says Phruit

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - Online data capture could be providing inaccurate information regarding consumer trends, according to leading telemarketing services provider Phruit.

Using data capture to monitor emerging consumer trends remains an important requirement for businesses and brands alike. Accurate analysis remains essential to enable both brands and businesses to tailor their approach, products or services, in order to satisfy customers. 

However, many of the online methods that are often used for this purpose can provide information that is misleading, inaccurate, ambiguous and in some cases, not even representative of the target market. Online surveys, for example, cannot necessarily differentiate between genuine and 'hoax' respondents, whereas a personal caller will be able to instantly identify those giving implausible information. Online data capture also requires incentives to secure participants which may adversely affect the quality and relevance of respondents.

Capturing data online has gained popularity in recent years as it is a relatively inexpensive process. However, with the human input element being removed, the quality of the information can be compromised and therefore the cost effectiveness called into question. 

Vicky Hilton of Phruit, commented:

"Whilst the internet can provide a great avenue for certain kinds of consumer research, if more in-depth information is required, traditional methods of phone and postal outreach are always better, in our view, in gaining true insights – as well as giving scope for expansion in certain areas. An individual being surveyed is more likely to open up and give more valuable information and insights to a person on the phone than if they are required to fill something out online – where they are likely to give shorter answers. Having that human contact allows the person carrying out the research to probe further, and they can use their judgement and skills in finding different ways of encouraging the interviewee to open up and provide more information. 

"We are not saying that online survey methods are ineffective – they have their place – but sometimes and for certain campaigns, there is no substitute for the traditional methods. In addition, a different type of audience is reached via telephone and email. Online data capture is not always going to represent a good cross-section of society and all the age groups within it – for instance, it will omit those who are not computer literate or have online access."

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