September 17, 2013 06:45 ET

Traditional Wedding Planning Is Out, Social Planning Is In

WeClickd Users Prove Social Tools Are Best

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - September 17, 2013) - WeClickd, the social network for all things wedding, is proving that today's brides are a different breed. They are a new generation of women showing us their experiences with Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have made them comfortable sharing just about everything. WeClickd has taken this a step further. Brides-to-be can now find, save and share inspirations while planning their wedding on one site. With WeClickd, brides eliminate the shuffle between social networks resulting in time saved and less wedding stress.

Brides-to-be across the country are currently sharing their inspirations on WeClickd. She collects ideas from tens of thousands of beautiful photos that include every wedding product and service. Here she connects with other brides, girlfriends and vendors through social wedding conversations. Her wedding planning story that might have ended up on other social networks is now showing up on WeClickd. "After all, it makes sense to have it on one social site," commented Josh Liss, WeClickd CEO and Founder.

On WeClickd, brides connect with vendors to plan and share instantly. When she finds a dress or a centerpiece she loves, WeClickd immediately shows her local or national vendors who can make it happen. It's also these extensive vendor listings that enable her to contact a business and view their products. Private folders customized for each bride can be created in minutes. Vendors on WeClickd see the ideas that brides save and add to them based on her taste and choices. When they work together, the time and stress of planning a wedding is cut considerably and she gets individual attention. 

"WeClickd is all about the best wedding planning through a convenient social platform. Growing up with Facebook in college, I experienced my generation doing things differently," said Liss. "WeClickd is an extension of how we all go about our lives."

WeClickd was created by Josh Liss, a 27 year old who saw an undiscovered opportunity; to connect the wedding community with a new social media platform. WeClickd is located at 1871, the center for Chicago's tech startups. 

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