February 03, 2010 08:00 ET

TRAFFIQ Brings Renewed Order to Online Ad Buying With New Media Planning and Buying Tools

Enhancements Include Advanced Targeting, Inventory Packaging and Deal Negotiation Features

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 3, 2010) - TRAFFIQ®, the end-to-end digital media planning, buying and management platform, today introduced its next generation of media planning and buying tools, including an enhanced attribute matching engine for granular ad searching and targeting, along with multi-tiered inventory packaging options. These sophisticated new capabilities, along with new deal negotiation tools, make online ad buying and selling simpler and smarter and, ultimately, more successful for advertisers, ad agencies and publishers.

TRAFFIQ is the only online display media marketplace that directly connects agencies, advertisers and publishers. It promotes high levels of control and freedom for all parties through a single platform that consolidates media planning, RFP distribution, order execution, optimization and billing.

During the media planning process, agencies and advertisers now have more advanced options for ad searching and targeting, which increases campaign success. TRAFFIQ now offers insight into publishers with the broadest range of ad targeting options, including contextual, behavioral, re-targeting, geo-targeting and user-registration data, through its proprietary attribute matching engine. The platform also allows agencies and advertisers to communicate technologically sophisticated campaign requirements directly to publishers.

Adding further simplicity to the search process, TRAFFIQ now organizes publisher data into logical groupings of sites, networks and channels. This helps agencies and advertisers find the inventory they need for their campaigns without having to hunt through lengthy lists of potential ad placements.

TRAFFIQ's new smart inventory packaging functionality allows publishers to offer multiple options, or "channels." Agencies and advertisers can now drill down into individual content or site section channels, which carry their own unique audience, content and ad serving information. This easily searchable workflow makes it much simpler for publishers to quickly set up storefronts and promote themselves without getting into the final details of individual placements until the deal is negotiated.

During the offer negotiation process, agencies and advertisers now have the flexibility to target separate placements within a single buy. This streamlines a formerly complicated process and helps media planners meet campaign goals.

"Throughout the course of developing these new features, we listened closely to the agencies, advertisers and publishers that use the TRAFFIQ platform for their online ad buying and selling needs," said Mark Kahn, TRAFFIQ's CEO. "As a result, we're helping agencies and advertisers build better campaigns and buy better inventory, while at the same time enabling publishers to maximize the value of their storefronts."

There are millions of dollars of campaign demand and billions of impressions currently available on the TRAFFIQ platform. Prominent national and regional agencies such as Worldwide Partners, Havas Digital, AdStrategies, Capitol Media Solutions, Pavone and Torque are using TRAFFIQ to meet their clients' needs.


TRAFFIQ ( is an end-to-end digital media planning, buying and management platform. It facilitates the buying and selling of display media with ease and efficiency, yielding maximum return on investment. Marketplace members include the leading advertisers, ad agencies and publishers. TRAFFIQ is a member of the IAB advisory board, helping educate interactive advertisers and publishers on best practices for industry growth. TRAFFIQ is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Vienna, VA. For more information, contact us at

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