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February 08, 2011 10:00 ET

Trafk Media Looks to Reach Markets on Other Planets

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - Encouraged by a trove of recent data compiled by leading scientists that suggests life is possible, even probable, in other corners of the universe, the tech-savvy team at Trafk Media plans to offer clients access to potential new markets on other planets.

"In our galaxy alone, there are 10 billion stars, of which our sun is just one," partner Matt Kokenes says. "Many of those stars have planets with conditions that could support life. We're not saying this is a slam dunk by any means, but if intelligent life is out there, our clients will be the first to reach them with sales messages."

The biggest challenge to overcome is the distance to these potential new markets. For example, ads sent today to the closest target constellation, Cassiopeia, would not arrive until 2044. "With current technology, it would take many years for an advertiser's message to reach customers on other planets," partner Todd Trimakas concedes, "but for brands that see the big picture, this is a huge opportunity to dominate possible new markets."

What would consumers on another planet even need from earth-based companies? "Sure, it's a shot in the dark without a market study or survey data," Kokenes says. "We'd likely pitch this service to companies with entrenched brands that have already withstood the test of time, and will likely be around for a long time still. Consumer goods, like soft drinks and beer for example."

The team at Trafk is mum on specifics about the new technology that will make this possible. "We want to protect our ideas," Trimakas says, "but I can tell you that we've created an algorithmic communication system to produce advertising messages, and we'll use an RT-70 radio telescope in the Ukraine to deliver these ads to other planets."

Says Kokenes: "Scientists have actually been using this technology since the early 1970s to try to communicate with extraterrestrials, so we aren't reinventing the wheel here. We'll just be the first to reach them with advertising."

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Please note that this is an actual service that Trafk Media plans to provide that is in an early research and development stage. While Trafk Media is highly optimistic about the long term potential of this new service we hope to offer, we cannot guarantee results.

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