October 07, 2015 15:57 ET

TRAIS America Announces Advanced Touch Screen Fingerprint Sensor and Biometrics Security Technology

Trais' Integrated Touch Screen Fingerprint Sensor Design Saves Time and Cost for Smart Phone Manufacturers

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - October 07, 2015) - TRAIS America, Inc., a global leader in module technology located in San Jose, California announces the development of its integrated transparent touch fingerprint sensor for smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and monitor screens. Current fingerprint sensor technology such as optical and non-transparent can be expensive and impossible to integrate with transparent touch screens in addition to limiting product design space.

TRAIS combines its Touch Module and Transparent Fingerprint Sensor technology for high recognition and visibility with 500ppi resolution. TRAIS' unique design provides smart phone and touch monitor manufacturers lower production costs and time due to easy assembly and mounting of the integrated module.

Based on TRAIS' cutting-edge technology, the TRAIS T-Sec feature offers multi-factor authentication biometrics security by recognizing the user's fingerprint on the touch screen to secure devices, applications, and payments.

About TRAIS America

Founded in 2000, TRAIS is a global leader in module technology for mobile devices including touch screen modules, digitizer modules, flash light modules, and transparent fingerprint biometric modules.

TRAIS's global customers and technology partners include 3M, LG, Corning, Sony, Samsung, and DNP. TRAIS was awarded the Super Speed Growth Corporation Award by Deloitte.

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