SOURCE: Trango Broadband Wireless

November 14, 2007 20:53 ET

Trango Broadband Helps Sky Valley Network Rebuild After Damage From San Diego Wildfires

Sky Valley Network Restores Service to Its Customers Using Equipment Donated by Trango Broadband Wireless

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 14, 2007) - Trango Broadband Wireless, a leading developer of high-capacity fixed wireless broadband solutions, announced that it has donated wireless broadband radios, antennas and other equipment to Sky Valley Network of Ramona, CA, a high-speed wireless internet service provider whose broadband wireless network was damaged during the recent Witch Creek fire in the San Diego area, where they serve businesses and rural residential customers.

On Monday, October 22nd when wildfire knocked out the power in Ramona, internet service was disrupted for thousands of people in Ramona and the surrounding rural areas that rely on Sky Valley Network's broadband wireless systems for high-speed data and voice communications. As the wildfires roared through Ramona and other nearby communities, hundreds of homes and businesses were lost including parts of the Sky Valley Network system.

"I knew we had to react quickly, as many individuals and businesses, including the Ramona airport tower, were dependent on our high-speed internet service," said Bill Schweitzer, president and founder of Sky Valley Network. Through the company's extraordinary efforts Sky Valley Network services were restored to the Ramona airport and half of Sky Valley's users by Thursday morning, well before evacuation orders were even lifted. Then, using equipment donated by Trango Broadband Wireless Sky Valley Network began to restore service to the other half of their subscribers who depended on equipment burned in the fire. "The generous gift of antennas and hardware from Trango Broadband Wireless is allowing Sky Valley Network to begin to restore service quickly to sections of the network that experienced significant fire damage. This donation is a great example of another San Diego corporation going out of their way to help in this time of immense tragedy," said Schweitzer.

"We are glad to assist our friends and neighbors here in our own community whose lives and businesses have been affected by the devastating fires," said Zdravko "Z" Divjak, president and founder of Trango Broadband Wireless.

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Sky Valley Network is a small internet service provider offering high speed wireless internet service to more than four hundred users in and around the Ramona area. Sky Valley Network was founded in 2002 as a cooperative neighborhood network, solving the difficult problem of high speed internet access in a very rural area. Bill Schweitzer, president and founder, has worked in the computer industry for over 30 years. For more information visit: