SOURCE: Trango Broadband Wireless

January 24, 2008 18:27 ET

Trango Broadband Wireless Expands Its Product Line With Its New Product Offerings in 2008

Leading Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solutions Vendor Brings Its Innovation to the Point-to-Point World

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 24, 2008) - Trango Broadband Wireless, a leading developer of high-capacity fixed wireless broadband Internet access solutions, announced an exciting new line-up of product releases in both licensed and unlicensed spectrums for 2008 as the company continues to execute on its new strategic direction and focus. Trango Broadband, already a leader in unlicensed band wireless solutions offerings for many years, will build on its decade of experience in the RF space to continue its expansion into the licensed band wireless solutions arena.

Capitalizing on its core competencies of RF system design and manufacturing, Trango Broadband will broaden its line of TrangoLINK Giga® high-performance point-to-point wireless microwave systems and launch more frequencies for both domestic and international markets that meet ANSI and ETSI standards to address the growing market demand for Ethernet backhaul solutions. This includes augmenting the current TrangoLINK Giga® 18 GHz offering with TrangoLINK Giga® 6 GHz, 11 GHz, and 23 GHz product offerings in the first quarter of 2008. More frequencies will also be added to the TrangoLINK Giga® series in the second half of 2008.

The TrangoLINK Giga® licensed microwave radio series was designed to provide operators of WiMAX networks and other mobile and broadband network operators with the highest performance and capacity in wireless backhaul while also providing maximum cost efficiencies that create capex and opex savings. TrangoLINK Giga® is especially suited for long haul high-capacity backhaul for cellular and WiMAX networks, WISP backbones, ISP extensions, enterprise networks, broadcast applications and Telco backhaul requirements. TrangoLINK Giga® offers innovative features that are ideal for mixed traffic that requires both IP and TDM traffic or for migrating from traditional PBX and T1/E1 to IP connectivity.

In 2008, Trango Broadband will continue its strong leadership in license-exempt band radios upon which the company was built and will revitalize and upgrade its point-to-multipoint product set with the introduction of the Trango Multi-Mode 5™ (Trango MM5™), a 40 Mbps point-to-multipoint Broadband Wireless Internet Access system, operating in the 5 GHz band. The Trango MM5™ will be enhanced with DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) to protect against interference with US government operated radars.

Later this year the Trango MM2™ and Trango MM9™ will also be introduced, operating in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz bands respectively. The entire new Trango MM™ series is OFDM based for higher throughput and it also features Trango's patented SMARTPolling™ technology for highly efficient bandwidth delivery and extremely low latency. The Trango MM™ series will integrate new technology to extend the product lifecycle as the new Access Points will be backward compatible with existing Trango customer premise equipment using Complementary Code Keying (CCK).

To bolster its efforts to expand into the licensed microwave radio products and continue its leadership in the license exempt area, Trango has recently added two seasoned executives to its management team. Frank Draper joins Trango Broadband as VP, Sales & Marketing. Mr. Draper, who held several executive level positions at Wavesat, Inc., including VP, Sales and Marketing and VP, Business Development, was a Director in the WiMAX Forum, also worked at Bell Canada International as VP, Engineering and Networks in Brazil and Taiwan, at Harris Microwave Division as Director, Systems and Services, and is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada. David Caputo, VP, Operations, who worked most recently with Plexus as Director of Operations, joins Trango with an extensive background in contract manufacturing, supply chain management and Lean Sigma methodologies. Mr. Caputo has worked for Harris Broadcast Communications, as Director of Operations, Pacific Research and Engineering as Vice President of Operations and Director of Quality and Manufacturing with Sync Research Inc.

"As we extend the new TrangoLINK Giga® licensed product line and support our unlicensed band product heritage with Trango MM™ offering this year, we are quite pleased to deepen the talent of our management team even further with the addition of these two highly experienced gentlemen," said Zdravko Divjak, President and CEO of Trango Broadband Wireless. "Trango is now set to expand on its new direction and staged for even more growth in 2008."

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