August 29, 2007 08:30 ET

TransCanada Announces Expanded Unit 4 Refurbishment on Bruce A Restart Project

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Aug. 29, 2007) - TransCanada Corporation (TSX:TRP) (NYSE:TRP) (TransCanada) today announced that Bruce Power and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have agreed to expand the scope of the Bruce A Restart and Refurbishment project by installing 480 new fuel channels in Unit 4.

Announced in October 2005, the $4.25 billion Bruce A Restart and Refurbishment project set out to deliver an additional 1,500 MW to the Ontario power grid by late 2009 or early 2010. Under the original plan, Bruce Power intended to install new steam generators in all four Bruce A units and replace the fuel channels in Units 1, 2 and 3. By replacing the fuel channels in Unit 4, Bruce Power will extend the expected operational life of the 750 MW unit from 2017 to 2036.

Under the revised plan, Bruce Power expects to invest an additional $1 billion, resulting in a total investment in the restart and refurbishment program of approximately $5.25 billion. TransCanada's share is expected to be approximately $2.625 billion.

"This expansion will align Unit 4's operating life with Bruce A's three other units, and extend Bruce A's ability to serve as a cost-competitive, long-term solution to help meet Ontario's power needs," said Hal Kvisle, TransCanada's president and chief executive officer. "The growing focus on emissions-free technology, together with our confidence in the Bruce Power organization, make this an ideal investment opportunity for us. The expanded scope of the project and our participation in it has been carefully structured to share risks and rewards and is consistent with our disciplined and prudent approach to long-term growth," he adds.

Bruce Power expects to complete the work on Units 3 and 4 by 2013. This will enable Bruce Power to apply processes and procedures consistent with the Unit 1 and 2 program. One of the largest engineering projects in North America, the Bruce A Restart program remains on budget and on schedule.

Under the revised agreement, the OPA may elect to proceed with a three unit restart program prior to April 1, 2008 under certain conditions. Those conditions include the OPA determining that there will be insufficient transmission to accommodate all eight Bruce Power units by mid 2013.

For further detail on the Bruce restart and refurbishment project, please visit the Bruce Power website at

For further detail on the terms of the amended implementation agreement between Bruce Power A L.P. (BALP) and the OPA, please refer to the attached backgrounder.

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Backgrounder - Highlights of the amended implementation agreement between BALP and the OPA:


- BALP expects to refurbish Units 3 & 4 beginning in late 2009 and return them to service by 2013.

- As a result of the refurbishment work, the Unit 4 estimated operational life will be until 2036.

Bruce A Pricing

- As of April 1, 2008, the original BALP Reference Price of $57.37 will increase by $2.11/MWH to $59.48 for output from Bruce A. In addition, fuel costs will continue to be passed through to the OPA.

- When the market spot price is below the Reference Price, the OPA will make payments to BALP. These payments will be equal to the difference between the spot price and the Reference Price.

- When the market spot price is greater than the Reference Price, BALP will pay the OPA the difference between spot price and the Reference Price.


- The Reference Price will continue to be adjusted annually for changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

- The Reference Price will change with the CPI when CPI escalates between 0% and 2.5%. If CPI is greater than 2.5%, the price will be escalated at 2.5% + 0.6 times the difference between actual CPI and 2.5%. If CPI is below zero, the price will be reduced by 0.6 times the difference between zero and actual CPI.

- The price adjustment for CPI will take place annually on April 1.

Three Unit Election

- Under certain circumstances, the OPA has an election, to be exercised prior to April 1, 2008, to exclude one of the units from the implementation agreements (Three Unit Election).

- There must be a substantial risk that the required transmission upgrades will not be completed by July 1, 2013 and the expected cost of future deemed generation take or pay payments must be greater than the reasonably expected cost of generation alternatives for the Three Unit Election to be considered.

Capital Costs

- The agreement is based on the following estimated capital costs:

-- Units 1 & 2 refurbishment - $2.75 billion

-- Units 3 & 4 refurbishment - $2.50 billion

Capital Cost Risk and Reward Sharing

- A capital cost risk and reward sharing schedule for BALP and the OPA is in place for spending below or above the $5.25 billion base case estimate of Bruce A restart and refurbishment capital costs.

- BALP and the OPA, through adjustments in the Reference Price, share responsibility for Units 1 through 4 capital costs that are above or below $5.25 billion as follows:

-- 50/50 for cost overruns of up to $880 million and 75/25 BALP/OPA for any additional cost overruns.

-- 50/50 of the benefit if costs are up to $305 million less than expected and 75/25 BALP/OPA on the next $195 million of savings.

-- Cost sharing is divided between the two programs.

- In addition, the Bruce A Reference Price is also adjusted for changes of +/- $453 million in the estimated capital cost to refurbish Units 3 & 4 if those changes have been identified prior to the start of the project.

- BALP or the OPA can exclude the refurbishment of Units 3 & 4 from the agreement if the cost estimate prior to the start of the project exceeds the base forecast of $2.50 billion by more than approximately $1.034 billion.

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