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Transfac Capital, LLC

June 11, 2013 12:30 ET

Transfac Capital Oilfield Factoring Company Establishes Presence in North Dakota Oilfield

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - June 11, 2013) - Transfac Capital, Inc., one of the leading providers of factoring services in the oilfield service industry, announces the expansion of its presence into the Bakken oilfields. The newest addition to the Transfac Capital team is Curtis Roll, who has relocated to Williston, North Dakota to open up a factoring branch dedicated to the oilfield industry.

"Curtis brings an aggressive approach to the marketing and awareness of our services in the Western North Dakota area. He has an understanding of these small business owners, and is able to build relationships quickly. Unlike other firms in the factoring industry who have no physical presence in the Bakken, we wanted to offer our services using a more personal, face to face approach. Having a member of our team that will drive out to your job site to learn more about what you do on a day to day basis is an added bonus to a lot of these businesses," said Mike Schepper, Marketing Director.

In addition to factoring and accounts receivable financing, Transfac provides other value-added services such as Accounts Receivable Management (ARM). With ARM, Transfac assumes responsibility for back office duties such as credit assessment, invoice creation and collection, thus freeing up the business owner to focus his valuable time on making money and expanding his business. 

"I love that Transfac Capital is pursuing an aggressive marketing presence in the oilfield industry. Many small business owners in the region are growing so quickly that their back office infrastructure can't keep pace. One of the main reasons I chose to work for Transfac is that, in addition to factoring, they provide Accounts Receivable Management, something that rapidly growing businesses in the labor starved areas surrounding Williston, Minot, Dickinson and Bismarck desperately need," said Curtis Roll.

"After looking into the economic growth and the difficulty that new and current businesses have when they arrive in the area, including shortage of housing, employees and the high cost of basic set up and living, we felt that an on ground presence was completely necessary, not only to offer financial assistance, but to provide support for those companies that help grow America's oilfield industry. These new and growing businesses can immediately get clients and start servicing the oilfields, but need time and money to streamline the rest of the daily issues they encounter in the course of running their business. Transfac Capital can help them with that need immediately. By providing them an on the ground marketing and Business Development Officer like Curtis, who will work closely with them to help network their business, Transfac enables these businesses to accelerate their expansion and take a bigger stake in this growing area," added Mike Schepper.

About Transfac Capital, Inc.
Transfac Capital Oilfield factoring Services provides factoring services to multiple oilfield service companies including; oilfield transportation, well servicing companies, pipeline transportation, set up and servicing, oilfield pad set up and break down construction companies, frac service companies, oilfield staffing industry, equipment rental companies, and disposal sites. Furthermore, due to having both a transportation company and an oil exploration company in the same ownership family, Transfac Capital has a personal depth of understanding of the oilfield and transportation business unique to the financial factoring industry.

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For information on North Dakota factoring services go to or you can reach Curtis Roll or call 701-651-6119 today.

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