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January 07, 2014 10:00 ET

Transform Your Body With the 'Zumba® Incredible Results™' DVD Collection

Featuring Cardio Bursts & New Zumba® Step Workout -- All Set to Original Music & Easy-to-Follow Choreo; Packaged With Exclusive Zumba Rizer™ Product

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - January 07, 2014) - Zumba -- the global, multimedia brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into the ultimate dance-fitness workout -- introduces Zumba® Incredible Results, its fifth consumer DVD collection. Zumba's new DVD set will provide fans and newbies with hours of electrifying new workouts set to infectious choreography and heart-pumping music from around the world. Major highlights include fat burning cardio bursts that maximize caloric expenditure, 20-minute express workouts and the new, cutting-edge workout Zumba® Step, complete with the Zumba Rizer™ product. Bottom line: easy-to-follow; more fun than ever before; rapid results.

"I was traveling to NYC with a Zumba employee discussing her fitness routine and how she craved a workout that would transform her legs. I realized that if we added a step to the Zumba workout, we could provide incredibly targeted results, including toned legs," said Alberto Perlman, CEO and co-founder of Zumba Fitness. "Then we took it up a notch by adding high-intensity interval bursts and an extreme core routine to deliver the coolest and most effective, total-body workout to ever be available on a Zumba DVD set."

From weight loss to muscle toning and body shaping, Zumba® Incredible Results provides rapid results with six extreme workouts and the new Seven Day Rapid Results eating plan. But most importantly, Zumba introduces Zumba® Step, an innovative spin on step aerobics complete with the Zumba Rizer™ product, a step that is specially designed for Zumba workouts at home. Joy Prouty, head of Zumba's educational programming and an original member of the step aerobics development team in the late 80s, co-created this ground-breaking Zumba® Step workout.

"Zumba is revolutionizing step aerobics by integrating the flavor and excitement of Zumba with step variations and fitness movements that will give you an intense workout -- and the music is amazing," said Prouty. "The Rizer and the workout are designed in a way that gives participants more freedom to dance and maneuver while torching calories and working muscles, including the glutes and legs. Get ready for a world-class Zumba experience in the comfort of your home."

All of the workouts infuse Zumba's "exercise in disguise" methodology, providing users with the ultimate dance-fitness party experience. The set comes with a step-by-step guide along with moves and instructions taught by Zumba Co-Founder Beto and internationally recognized celebrity Zumba Instructors, including Gina Grant and Kass Martin.

Zumba ® Incredible Results  is comprised of the following six electrifying workout programs, on four DVDs, designed to deliver a total-body workout in a short amount of time:

  • Quick Start - Basic Steps Breakdown:   Using Zumba's signature Rhythm Progression technique, users will learn the basics of salsa, cumbia, samba and merengue. This simple and easy-to-follow formula has been a popular method of teaching dance moves to millions of people all over the world.
  • 20-Minute Express:  Featuring the steps taught in Quick Start, this 20-Minute Express workout challenges the entire body and is perfect for those on the go.
  • Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals:  An intense dance party workout that challenges users to burn more calories in less time, with fun, 30-second cardio burst intervals featuring runs, jumps and dance moves set to signature Zumba music. Intense interval training has proven to yield faster and better fitness results and Zumba created this workout to maximize the burn while still having fun.
  • Zumba ® Step Featuring the all new Zumba Rizer™: In this brand new workout, Zumba brings the step routine to a whole new level for maximum toning and calorie burn. While sticking to Zumba's "exercise in disguise" mantra, Zumba® Step masks the workout with exciting, new choreography and music, while users experience extreme results, specifically in their glutes, thighs and legs. The DVD collection is packaged with the specially designed round-shaped Zumba Rizer™ to complement the Zumba® Step workout.
  • 30-Minute Burn:  A live Zumba class with celebrity instructors leading users in a 30-minute dance-fitness workout.
  • Amazing Abs: Forget traditional crunches. Enthusiasts get a 15-minute abdominal routine featuring Beto's best exercises targeting all core areas of the abs.

The Zumba® Incredible Results DVD Collection is on sale for $89.95 on

About Zumba Fitness, LLC
Zumba is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-party workout. Known as the ultimate "fitness-party", Zumba® classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for an effective, total-body workout. Founded in 2001, the company is the largest branded fitness program in the world -- reporting more than 15 million weekly participants, in over 200,000 locations across more than 180 countries. In addition to its original Zumba® program, the company also offers a variety of specialty classes, including: Zumba® Step; Zumba Gold® (active older adults); Aqua Zumba®; Zumba® Kids/Zumba® Kids Jr. (ages 4-11); and Zumbini (ages 0-3). The Zumba® fitness lifestyle is rounded out by the company's many consumer product offerings, including DVD sets, music collections, multi-seasonal apparel and footwear, video games and Fitness-Concert™ events. For more information about Zumba's programs and products, or to find a live class, visit Find us on Facebook and, Twitter.

A quick note about the Zumba Mark
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