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TransFS Credit Card Processing Comparison

January 05, 2010 14:23 ET

TransFS Launches Credit Card Processor Directory Featuring Comprehensive Ratings and Reviews

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - Transparent Financial Services (, a leading marketplace for businesses seeking financial services, today announced the launch of the TransFS Credit Card Processor Directory, the first comprehensive website through which businesses can research, rate and review credit card processors.

In the past, researching the quality of a new credit card processor required a business owner to conduct hours of research across processors' own websites, BBB ratings, message boards and discussions with fellow business owners. The Credit Card Processor Directory dramatically simplifies this process by aggregating all of that information into a single place, and making it simple to sort, filter, and compare processors side-by-side.

"While review sites like have become indispensible tools for consumers, it is still hard for business owners to find good, honest information about services such as credit card processing," said Sean Harper, CEO of TransFS. "We wanted to give business owners the same opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and share their own reviews, and this centralized resource achieves that goal."

The TransFS Credit Card Processor Directory enables business owners to:

--  Search the TransFS database of more than 800 credit card processors, both
    nationwide and locally across more than 320 U.S. cities
--  Filter processors by performance ratings provided by the Better Business
    Bureau (BBB) and by other business owners on
--  Quickly and easily rate their own processors on a five-star scale and
    through detailed comments about their experiences if desired.

"Research suggests that the recommendations of fellow users are more important than any other factor in decision-making," said Joshua Krall, CTO of TransFS, "but for credit card processing, the decision is infrequent and business owners may not have a deep network to draw upon for opinions. Our directory solves this problem, making it easy to exchange reviews with users from all around the country."

The release of the TransFS Credit Card Processor Directory continues the mission of the company to bring transparency and ease to the process of shopping for credit card processing services. The directory is available free of charge at Also available at is the company's free credit card comparison shopping service, through which business owners can reduce their merchant fees by an average of 40 percent.

About is an online comparison-shopping service that enables business owners to shop for credit card processing services quickly, efficiently, and at no cost. TransFS evens the playing field for business owners, letting them keep more of their money without time-consuming, annoying sales calls from service providers. TransFS employs instant reverse auctions to quickly negotiate better deals, automated bill analysis software to identify unnecessary or undisclosed fees, a stringent certification program and an online ratings and reputation.

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