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March 24, 2011 12:06 ET

TransGlobal Assets, Inc. Funds $500,000 for Biomass Waste Project in Romania

Company to Receive 50% of Revenues Generated by the System Sales

LINCOLN CITY, OR--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - TransGlobal Assets, Inc. (OTCQB: TMSH) (OTCBB: TMSH) is pleased to announce that it has provided $500,000 (USD) funding to its Joint Venture partner, Helios Inc. of India, in order to commence construction on the biomass waste pilot project to be conducted for the Romania municipality of Acatari.

The patented "MSW-TO-ENERGY SYSTEM" invented by Helios Inc. and manufactured by Helios Assembly of India allows for a non-polluting, environmentally friendly conversion of landfill waste, also known as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), into earth-friendly energy and inert ash residue for concrete and various concrete products (see shareholder meeting PowerPoint for more details).

The MSW waste-to-energy project will utilize a 250 kW portable unit, the smallest of the series, to run a test for 1 to 4 weeks. Romanian municipalities, including Acatari, have committed to acquire and operate 10 units of either 1-megawatt or 5-megawatt capacity. Officials from Hungary, Bulgaria, England and several Middle Eastern countries have also expressed strong interest in the Helios patented system and are expected to be monitoring the 250 kW project.

The JV agreement provides for TransGlobal Assets to receive 50% of revenues from the multiple revenue streams generated by the system. This includes revenues from unit sales and monthly revenues from the sale of electricity, carbon credits, and ash residue. Potential revenues for Helios and TransGlobal Assets will be determined by the size of the systems that the municipalities ultimately select. 

Estimated revenues from unit sales:

  • (10) 1-megawatt units = $45,000,000 USD
  • (10) 5-megawatt units = $180,000,000 USD

Estimated revenues from the sale of green power to the Romanian public power company as well as from the sale of carbon credits are delineated by unit capacity:


  • Green Certificate per MW = $60 x 3 Carbon Credits
  • Electricity Sold = $ 60/MW (As per power purchase agreement by Acatari City Council)
  • $180 x 24 hours / day = $4,320 per day(green certificate)
  • $60x 24 hours/day = $ 1,440 per day
  • Total = $ 5,760 per day
  • Days operational = 25 / estimated 25 per month
  • $5,760 per day /25 days = $144,000 per month, per unit.
  • Estimated Units = 10 x 1MW Units x $144,000 = $1,440,000 on the sale of electricity per month
  • $1,440,000 x 12 months = $17,280,000 USD per year Revenue

TOTAL ANNUAL = $17,280,000 USD


  • 5MW = $300 x 3 Carbon Credits
  • Electricity Sold = $ 300/ 5MW (As per power purchase agreement by Acatari City Council*)
  • $1200 x 24 hours / day = $28,800 per day
  • Days operational = 25 / estimated 25 per month
  • $28,800 per day /25 days = $720,000 per month, per unit.
  • Estimated Units = 10x 5MW Units x $720,000 = $7,200,000 on the sale of electricity per month
  • $7,200,000 x 12 months = $86,400,000 USD per year Revenue

TOTAL ANNUAL = $86,400,000 USD

Following the announcement of the JV agreement 3 months ago, the Helios patented system has received four Letters of Intent to purchase several units. To meet current demand, Helios and TransGlobal Assets are ramping up their production to build (15) 1-megawatt units and (10) 5-megawatt units. 

"This is an extremely exciting time for TransGlobal Assets and Helios as we are just beginning to show the world that we mean business -- big GREEN business," says Paul Thompson, Vice President of Investor Relations. "There has been interest springing up all over the continent for the Helios system, such as cities in Egypt that need to dispose of medical waste in environmentally safe fashion, which is a very large concern for them. This is just one of many winning ventures in our business plan for which we are announcing financing."

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