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Invensys Rail Group

November 29, 2007 08:28 ET

Transport Capacity Report available online

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2007) - A new report released today provides comprehensive independent review of the costs of different methods of increasing capacity in Road & Rail environments.

The Transport Capacity study, sponsored by Invensys plc and researched by Management Consultancy Credo, identifies those areas where investment in the transportation infrastructure will generate the greatest increase in the movement of people and freight in the UK.

The results compare transport options on a people (or freight tonnes)/ hour/km/GBP m basis. This method is more transparent than more complex cost/benefit modelling, and reveals what many believe to be a clearer road map for the further investment on UK transportation systems.

The key findings presented at the press conference will cover both the Road and Rail environments and include;

- The factors that affect Road and Rail capacity now and in the future.

- An examination of the methods, together with their relative merits, that can be used to increase transportation capacity.

- Key findings that will clearly define those areas where investment in the Road and Rail infrastructure will provide the greatest capacity gain.

- The results are surprising and are sure to re-ignite the Transportation investment debate in the UK.

The Transport Capacity Research Paper used over thirty published sources to compare the costs and capacity increases provided by a range of real world transport infrastructure projects.

The information was also supplemented by interviews with people in government bodies, trade associations and companies within the various industries.

The information these sources provided was then analysed to compare the incremental capacity increase for every pound spent, measured consistently as (people per hour)/(GBP m per km)

For a text summary of the report and a pdf or Word download of the full report please visit:

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