October 21, 2008 00:01 ET

Transzap Upgrades ePayables System and Digital Data Platform to IBM System z Mainframe for Business Flexibility and Growth

Uses IBM Mainframe for Mid-Size Customers to Drive Quality of Service Metrics

ARMONK, NY--(Marketwire - October 21, 2008) - IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Transzap, a leading services provider of ePayables and digital data exchange solutions, has consolidated its distributed Oracle environment of servers to a System z9 Business Class mainframe and IBM storage. The new system supports Transzap's fast growing business and its pursuit for the most highly available quality of service platform.

As a new mainframe customer, Transzap operates Oildex, which provides one of the most comprehensive Internet-based ePayable, digital data, and spend analysis solutions in the energy industry. Because Oildex serves more than 4,200 companies and 44,000 users, Transzap needed a computing platform that would support its operations without requiring additional monthly costs in extra hardware, software or human capital, as the company encountered with its former "rack and stack" server environment.

"Transzap processes over $80 billion in transactions but we are still a small company with fewer than 100 employees," said Peter Flanagan, CEO of Transzap. "We invested in the mainframe for its ability to scale to meet our business needs at a moment's notice, and to provide our customers with a highly reliable environment with powerful virtualization capabilities."

"Transzap is not only a new mainframe customer but they are also running System z to behave like a cloud computing environment, a highly efficient architecture designed to deliver software services seamlessly to clients," said Anne Altman, general manager of System z. "Transzap's mainframe is not only a highly secure and resilient in the face of rapid or unexpected uptakes in usage, but with the mainframe's ability to turn on a 'specialty engine' within minutes for specific workloads, it's inherently elastic -- like a cloud."

Transzap currently supplies its Oildex services via an SaaS (software as a service) model, providing their customers with lower costs of ownership, faster deployment and easier maintenance.

Prior to installing the mainframe, Transzap's systems ran on distributed infrastructure, which made it challenging to manage. The multiple servers made technical configurations complex and laborious. Additionally, the company incurred linear technology costs for its growth. Transzap now utilizes the System z9 BC with a number of Linux specialty processors and z/VM for running virtual Oracle database servers connected to 18 terabytes of IBM DS6800 Enterprise Storage and IBM TS3400 Tape Library subsystems. The combined IBM solution represents the heart of the Transzap system, as the company also uses other equipment.

Most importantly, Transzap now has an affordable solution to support rapid incremental growth and a system that is reliable, centrally managed and highly secure. And, Transzap customers benefit as the mainframe heralds more than 40 years in proven technology innovation and performance.

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Transzap™ simplifies financial and operational processes by replacing paper-based tasks with digital data and workflow. The SaaS-based system (Software as a Service) also provides unparalleled access to information about how and where a company spends its money. Through its Oildex services, Transzap provides one of the energy industry's largest Internet-based data exchanges serving over 4200 companies and 44,000 users. Currently available services include: digital and scanned invoice processing (Spendworks™), Business Intelligence (TrendX™), owner / producer relations data hosting, check stub reporting (CDEX), crude oil data exchange (CODE), gas data exchange (GRADE), production and sales volume reporting and joint interest billing (JIB Connect™.) Transzap has offices in Denver and Houston. This news release and additional information are available:;

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