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Travel Insights 100 Survey Reveals How Twitter Is Being Used by the Travel Industry

UpTake, Tips From the T-List and BootsnAll Travel Network Kick Off Travel Insights 100 Program; Results Show Twitter Widely Adopted by the Industry, Experts Recommend It for Trip Planning and Deals; Respondents Give Predictions for the Future of Twitter

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - A survey of prominent travel industry experts conducted by Travel Insights 100 reveals key insights into how they feel about and utilize Twitter, and their thoughts on emerging social media trends in the industry. The results come after kicking off the first Travel Insights 100 program, an ongoing platform for 100 leaders within the travel industry to discuss ideas and worldwide travel issues all via an Internet-based forum. Members will be surveyed on a regular basis to glean their opinions on travel-industry related subjects covering social media, topical news stories and trends and will serve as a bellwether for the industry. Travel Insights 100 is a partnership between UpTake, Tips from the T-List and BootsnAll Travel Network.

Travel Insights 100 members are experts from across the travel industry and around the world. Each has volunteered to participate in the forum to share their knowledge and experience with the group and provide valuable and insightful feedback to benefit the travel community. All Travel Insights 100 research is under a Creative Commons license and can be published or used for commercial re-use.



-- Travel Insights 100 kicked off on Sept. 17, 2009. The program, presented by UpTake, Tips from the T-List and BootsnAll Travel Network, consists of 100 travel industry leaders and bloggers.

-- Travel Insights 100 is an online forum where a diverse set of travel leaders have a platform for discussion about the economic, political and social issues affecting travel & tourism around the world.

-- The site features each member by showcasing their RSS and Twitter feeds, as well as their comments and posts from their own blogs. A list of the members can be found here.


The first survey of Travel Insights members asked for predictions, recommendations and thoughts on the effectiveness of Twitter. The findings of the survey can be found here. Following are some of the results:

-- The popularity of Twitter in the travel industry is unquestionable. However it is a recent phenomenon, with the majority of respondents just started using the tool in the past twelve months (52 percent).

-- There is a nearly equal split between Twitter addicts (31 percent use Twitter ten or more times a day) and those who use it less frequently (33 percent use Twitter less than four times a day).

-- Surprisingly, the majority of respondents (91 percent) recommend using Twitter to find travel information such as deals and tips.

-- Pet peeves include tweets that are too promotional, too mundane or too corporate.

Participants were asked to give predictions for the future of Twitter. Responses ranged from predicting a rocky road ahead for Twitter, to suggesting micro blogging is the future of communications, to forecasting a takeover of Twitter by marketers and a migration away from it to the next big thing in social media. Following are some sample responses, as they were written by the participants:

   -- "Companies will use Twitter more and more as a marketing tool,
      creating awareness for their brands and engaging their community of
      current and potential customers"
   -- "Marketers take over, everyone inflows and/or migrates to the next
      big thing"
   -- "Twitter is not long away from reaching its peak; it will be a
      valuable tool for marketers for several years to come, but likely to
      be replaced by similar/better service"
   -- "It will be acquired by a large corp. that will monetize it, either
      with ads or by charging to use"

   Rocky Road Ahead
   -- "Rocky road ahead for Twitter: If *everyone* is on Twitter, will
      users still be able to separate out what's interesting to them from
      what's not?"
   -- "It will become spam-filled and far less useful"
   -- "I think Twitter will remain very popular among the cult, but will
      never grow much beyond that after the novelty wears off"
   -- "Popularity will continue, but will level off. Monetizing it will
      be difficult"

   Micro blogging is here to stay
   -- "Twitter will grow to be a more useful part of our everyday lives,
      like email, cell phones and other communications"
   -- "Twitter will become a main search tool for instant search and
   -- "Twitter may disappear, but sharing details of one's life will
      continue to increase in importance and popularity"
   -- "Twitter will become as essential a communication tool as the mobile
      phone: I see it as text-messaging the world"


"Twitter has great potential for the travel industry, but we are still very much in the experimental phase of how these social media tools can be best used. By surveying the Travel Insights 100 community of travel experts, we can all get fast, fresh ideas on what is working from each other, and share these insights for free with the rest of the travel industry." - Elliott Ng, Co-Founder, UpTake

"We were very excited by both presenting the first Travel Insights 100 program, and the results of the survey we conducted with participants. We brought together a diverse and influential group of people, and not only engaged in a fruitful discussion about the state of the industry, but found out some interesting information about the use of the fastest growing social media tool. Among other things, we were surprised to find how widely and frequently Twitter is being used in the travel industry, despite the fact that it has only been adopted for the most part in the past year." - Stephen Joyce, Founder/Publisher, Tips for the T-List

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