November 07, 2011 15:33 ET

Travel-Intel Spots Emerging Travel Trends for 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 7, 2011) - Travel-Intel, a new travel industry newsletter published by and produced by award-winning travel journalist Lark Ellen Gould, reveals some eye opening facts about the state of travel these days in the latest issue.

Checking intelligence from a survey conducted by the American Association of Travel Agents this year, the newsletter notes that travel sales have fallen significantly with more than a third of the responding businesses reporting sales volumes at less than $1 million -- up from 21 percent in 2002 but down from the 40 percent that was reported last year. Also of significance was the reporting of air sales in 2011 -- which have dropped a whopping 23 percent since 2002. Car rental sales by travel agents have decreased as well while hotels, cruises and tours have all seen strong increases in percentage shares.

Travel-Intel goes out twice a month to a database of 103,000 active and working travel agents in the U.S. and Canada as both an updater on travel industry news and reviewer of travel products, destinations and gadgets. The current November 1 issue also looks at a new age group study by YPartnership/Harrison Group that explains how Generation Y to Generation Mature get the information they need and trust to make their travel decisions. As much a "travelzine" as newsletter, the Travel-Intel issue also investigates the top ten emerging eco-destinations and how to book travel to these places, and looks at a convenient triangle of Southern California retreats for beach, spa, golf and gourmet.

"What travel Travel-Intel is able to do is catch trends in travel and keep travel sellers and those interested in travel current on where people are going, what they are buying and why," says Gould. "But we make these tidbits engaging and worth reading whether you are a travel agent or a travel lover."

While travel agents receive Travel-Intel directly, others can access the travelzine on and Both sites are online directories and comprehensive resources for all aspects of travel.

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