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Travellution SAS

January 31, 2012 04:49 ET

Travellution, The Travel Social Network Meets Award Winning Band Frost

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Jan. 31, 2012) -

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A creative collaboration between the travel social network Travellution and the rock band Frost gave birth to the music video "The Travel Sound Experiment". The clip expresses the philosophy of Travellution: merging the experiences and cultures of travelers, and embracing the diversities that define us.

Paris, London and Perugia: three charming European cities, famous for their appeal across the globe, are now linked by two unique stories of passion and ingenuity.

The story of Travellution begins with Giacomo Bastianelli, a young Italian innovator from Perugia who leaves Italy to pursue his dreams. After years of voyaging across the globe, he lands in Paris, and starts Travellution with other young and creative international travelers. Travellution is a unique travel social network that helps users plan the trips of their dreams and connect with other travelers who want to visit the same destination at the same time.

"We are about to see a revolution in how people from across the globe can share their personal travel recommendations and tricks through dynamic online social interaction. It is all about making dream vacations come true!" says Giacomo Bastianelli, founder of Travellution.

The second story involves Ricc and Lapo: two singers also from Perugia who formed the rock band, Frost. After winning the Italian music contest Arezzo Wave, they were featured on MTV A CUT in London.

Two albums and one European tour later, Frost met Giacomo, who decided to call Ricc and Lapo to produce the official Travellution soundtrack. The Travellution Team and Frost met up in Paris, where they shot a music video. Called, "The Travel Sound Experiment," the final product debuted at Contrappunto Live Club in Perugia, where Frost also gave an unforgettable live performance.

Giacomo and his team have since returned to Paris to continue their work on developing the Travellution project. Ricc and Lapo still pursue their rock-star ambitions, bouncing between Milan and London.

These two stories, started from the city of Perugia, follow different trajectories to reach the same goal: to unite the power of music and the web to create a new medium that inspires and entertains.

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