April 26, 2012 05:20 ET

Travelodge Opens Its First Hotel in Bradford City Centre

Travelodge has developed a free local lingo guide to help visitors feel right at home when visiting Bradford.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 26, 2012) - Today, Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Naveeda Ikram officially opened Travelodge's first hotel in the heart of Bradford City centre. The new 69-room property is located on Valley Road adjacent to Foster Square Retail Park and is part of a mixed-use development scheme. The new hotel represents a £3.5 million investment for the area and has created 17 new jobs within the community. Bradford Central Travelodge offers rooms with great views of the city for just £19 per night.

To celebrate the opening of Travelodge's 503rd hotel this morning, Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Naveeda Ikram cut the ribbon and officially declared the hotel open for business. She also met the hotel team and took a tour of the 69-room hotel.

Bradford Central Travelodge is being managed by Peter Naylor who joins the UK's fastest growing budget hotel chain after working in education as a teacher for 20 years. Peter worked in schools across Australia and more recently as an Assistant Head Teacher for a school in Barnsley. Peter's brother has been working for Travelodge for three years and suggested that he applied for the position of hotel manager for the brand new Bradford Travelodge hotel.

Peter's new team has been recruited via the Job Centre Plus Scheme - which helps the long term unemployed back into work. As part of their induction training staff members undertook a comprehensive four week training programme at a nearby Travelodge hotels. They also attended a sleep seminar to ensure they are fully equipped to ensure their customers get a good night's sleep.

John Schofield, Travelodge's District Manager for West Yorkshire said:

Bradford is the UK's sixth largest city and has a growing tourism market. Annually the city attracts many thousands of visitors from across the globe wooing them with attractions such as the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth, the World Heritage Site of Saltaire, the National Media Museum and its most recent attraction the UK's largest water feature which is situated next to the Victoria City Hall. We are delighted to have opened a hotel in the heart of Bradford so that we can help attract more business and leisure customers. By offering rooms from £19 we can make it more affordable for people to visit this great city.

Peter Naylor, Bradford Central Travelodge's hotel manager said:

"Travelodge has long sought a suitable location in the heart of the city that can meet the high demand for low cost accommodation in the area. Our bookings data shows the hotel is off to a flying start and will be fully booked over this Easter weekend.

"By attracting new visitors to Bradford Central Travelodge by offering accommodation from £19, we will boost the local economy by £1 million*. As our research shows the average Travelodge customer will spend on average £36 a day in local shops, restaurants and bars during their stay."

Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Naveeda Ikram said:

To celebrate the opening of its first hotel in Bradford city centre, Travelodge surveyed 3,000 Britons to see how familiar they are with Yorkshire phrases. Findings revealed that Yorkshire phrases and sayings are like a foreign language to the majority of Britons - and even Yorkshire folk themselves struggle to decipher some of their native expressions. Almost half of Britons (43%) failed to understand Yorkshire expressions when travelling to the county, yet 85% could easily identify French, German and Spanish terms.

Over half of Britons (51%) and a staggering third of people in Yorkshire (33%) couldn't translate the term 'daft ha'porth', meaning a silly person, while less than half understood the local term for a naughty child - a 'scopadiddle'. However, findings revealed that 85% knew that a German 'Weiner' was a sausage, 90% could translate the Spanish phrase 'Hasta la Vista'- meaning 'See you later' and 70% knew that an Italian 'Piazza' was a town square.

The research also revealed that people from Yorkshire are just as baffled when travelling to other parts of the UK. Almost half (44%) thought a Cornish 'oggy' - a pie - was either a football chant or a cream tea, while three quarters (75%) couldn't decipher the neighbouring Lancashire term for a little girl - a 'chitty'.

The 'Travelodge Lingo League table' below highlights some of the most common mistaken words by Yorkshire folk within the study:

Term % of
folk who
know its
Where does
it come
What Yorkshire
folk thought
it meant
What it
Bampot 31% Scotland A saucepan A fool
Haddaway 29% Newcastle Well done I can't believe it
Chitty 75% Lancashire A shopping list A young girl
Scran 13% Liverpool Children Food
Oggy 44% Cornwall A football chant A pie
Tutty pegs 19% Midlands Gossiping women Teeth

In a bid to help Britons better understand Yorkshire lingo, Travelodge has developed a free local lingo guide to help visitors feel right at home when visiting Bradford.

Listed below are the some key words that are included in the guide:

Be reight - it'll be alright
Brass - money
Champion - wonderful or excellent
Daft ha-porth - a silly or stupid person
Ecky thump - an exclamation of surprise
Jitty or Ginnell - an alley between houses or shops
'Ow do - hello, how are you?
Owt - nothing
Skopadiddle - a mischievous child
Snap - a snack or food

Bradford Central Travelodge offers a range of rooms which includes, family, double and accessible rooms. All Travelodge rooms come with a luxury Hypnos king size bed, which has a royal warrant from the Queen. Family rooms cater for either two adults and two children or three adults with an additional sofa bed. Each room has en-suite facilities with eco-friendly showers, a flat screen TV with 18 free digital channels, free tea and coffee making facilities and Wi-Fi.

For more information about Travelodge and to book a £19 room visit:

Tourism investment figure:

*The tourism investment figure is calculated by combining the average occupancy figure with the £36 per person spent whilst staying at the Travelodge hotel in its first year of operation.

Hotel Address:

2 Valley Road, Bradford, BD1 4AF

About Travelodge:

The first budget hotel brand to launch in the UK in 1985, Travelodge now operates over 490 hotels and over 35,400 rooms across the UK, Ireland (11) and Spain (4). Travelodge plans to grow its estate to 1,100 hotels and 100,000 rooms by 2025. Over 13 million people stayed with Travelodge last year and 90% of reservations are currently made online at, where room rates start at £19 per night. The chain employs over 6,000 staff.

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