February 21, 2012 01:00 ET

Travelodge Reservation Audit Shows Brits Can't Spell Famous UK Locations Correctly

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 21, 2012) - Ask Britons to spell Morecambe, Edinburgh, Torquay, Bournemouth, Newquay and Cambridge and you will receive answers which read: Morecome, Ednburgh, Tourkey, Bornmouth, Newkey and Camebridge. These are just some of the examples of how Britons spelt popular UK locations in a spelling test conducted by Travelodge hotels.

The budget hotel provider which has over 490 hotels tested the spelling skills of 5,000 Brits, in order to investigate the most common UK locations Britons spell incorrectly. The research was conducted in response to findings from a Travelodge reservations audit which identified 20%* of the company's daily bookings are for locations which are misspelt.

Interestingly the most popular misspelt locations revealed in the Travelodge bookings audit also featured within the top 20 results of incorrect locations spellings from the independent locations spelling test.

Key findings from the spelling test revealed:

• Britons cannot spell famous British holiday hotspot locations correctly, 70% of the respondents from the spelling test spelt the famous North West seaside town Morecambe as Morecome.

• A fifth of the adults who took the test spelt the English Riviera resort Torquay as Tourkey, Britain's first seaside resort Scarborough as Scarbrough and coastal resort town Bournemouth as Bornmouth.

• One in ten adults tested in the spelling quiz spelt Britain's top holiday resort Blackpool as Blackpole and the sufing hotspot in Cornwall Newquay as Newkey or New Quay. Also

• It wasn't just popular holiday locations Brits had difficulty spelling correctly in the spelling test they also struggled to correctly spell famous UK cities too. Fifteen per cent of respondents spelt Cambridge - the home of the world famous University as Camebridge. The same number of adults also incorrectly spelt the city famous for being the home to Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest Nottingham as Nothingham.

• One in ten Britons who took the spelling challenge had difficulty correctly spelling renowned UK cities such as Scotland's capital city Edinburgh - which was spelt as Ednburgh. Manchester, home to UK's favourite football team Manchester United and TV soap programme Coronation Street was spelt as Manchestar and cosmopolitan city, famous for the Royal Pavillion and its beach - Brighton was spelt as Britan.

Dr John Gledhill from The Spelling Society commented on the findings and said:" Britons consistently underperform in spelling tests regarding every day words which include popular British locations."

"Correctly spelling a location can be more difficult because a place name may be a preservation of an old spelling that made sense at the time the place was named but has little bearing on life today.The spellings could represent a pronunciation from any century from 1066 onwards that just happens to have stuck. Spelling these variants with their ancient roots is difficult and often has little link with common sense."

A Travelodge spokesman said: "Over 87% of Travelodge bookings are conducted via the web. As an e-retailer we constantly keep a close eye on locations that Brits have difficulty spelling correctly and have to continually expand our online search terms facility in line with our findings. It appears that misspelling our famous towns and cities is a growing problem".

Other key findings from the spelling test revealed:

• Female respondents constantly out performed against their male counterparts in achieving a higher spelling score throughout the test. Interestingly ten per cent more women respondents spelt Wembley correctly than the male respondents.

• The 36 to 40 year old respondents consistently achieved the lowest score in the spelling test. The silver grey category of respondents (aged 60+) achieved the highest score throughout the test.

The table below illustrates the top 20 most common misspelt UK locations from the spelling test and from the Travelodge reservations audit

Top 20

Spelling Test Results

Common Misspelling Of Locations

1 Morecambe Morecombe
2 Torquay Tourkey
3 Carlisle Carlilse
4 Bournemouth Bornmouth
5 Cotswolds Costwolds
6 Stansted, Heathrow & Gatwick Stanstead, Heatherow & Gatwicke
7 Chilterns Chilltins
8 Scarborough Scarbrough
9 Scunthorpe Scuntrope
10 Edinburgh Ednburgh
11 Nottingham Nothingham
12 Wembley Wemblay
13 Blackpool Blackpole
14 Manchester Manchestar
15 Newquay New Quay or Newquey
16 Brighton Britan
17 Gateshead Gaeshead
18 Cambridge Camebridge
19 Snowdonia Snowdoenia
20 Guildford Guigford

Notes to editor:

* On average 20% of the company's bookings on a daily basis are for locations which are misspelt.

Further results from the spelling test revealed:

• When it came to airport locations only four out of ten respondents who took the spelling test could spell Stansted correctly, 48% of respondents spelt it as Stanstead. One in ten respondents could not spell Heathrow and Gatwick correctly and spelt is as Heatherow and Gatwhick.

• Twenty per cent of respondents who participated in the spelling test spelt Carlisle as Carlilse, Scunthorpe as Scuntrope, the Cotswolds as the Costwolds and the Chilterns as the Chilltins

• One in ten adults who tool the spelling test spelt Wembley as Wemblay.

The Spelling Society was set up in 1908 with the desire to raise awareness of the problems inherent in our spelling system. They campaign for literacy improvements. For further information visit:

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