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September 20, 2010 10:29 ET

Treaty Energy Reports Signing of Contract With Radar Satellite Solutions

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - September 20, 2010) -  Treaty Energy Corporation (OTCBB: TECO), a growth-oriented energy company in the oil and gas industry, today announced the signing of a service contract between the Company and Radar Satellite Solutions ("RSS" or "Contractor") on July 20, 2010. 

This contract with RSS covers remote sensing and exploratory services in the country of Belize. RSS will provide services to Treaty in regards to the joint venture for developing oil production from the 200,000 acre onshore portion of the concession held by Princess Petroleum Limited. Under the leadership of the Treaty group as the operator of the concession, the Contractor will provide scientific oversight to survey and provide drilling technology on the concession in accordance with the proprietary technology of RSS. The RSS crew arrived in Belize on Monday, September 13, 2010.

Under the agreement RSS, the Contractor, will provide:

  1. All satellite data on the Belize concession.
  2. Proprietary 3-D Seismic (60 miles) and ground work using Contractor technology on the Belize concession.
  3. Data including Micro Mag and Gamma Ray Spectrometer, to be developed by an aircraft to be provided by Treaty. This aircraft has been purchased by Treaty and is currently being outfitted with the equipment at an FBO in Mesquite, TX .

Under the agreement Treaty will provide:

  1. A $50,000 deposit. This deposit was made at contract signing on July 20, 2010.
  2. A weekly draw when Contractor's people are in the country of Belize on the project.
  3. All reasonable expenses.
  4. Use of Treaty's aircraft.
  5. 15,000,000 shares of Treaty common stock as part of their compensation package.

The following is the Contractor's process for the first 2-week stay in Belize.

  1. Running Magnetic Surveys.
  2. Running Radio Metric Surveys.
  3. Running proprietary seismographic surveys on the ground which are non-invasive to the soil and will not disturb farm land or land owners' crops.
  4. Depth of hydrocarbons will be determined using three sciences.
  5. During the first 2-week stay RSS anticipates determining 20% of the future well sites on the onshore portion of the Belize concession.

The RSS process is implemented as follows:

  1. Satellite sensing.
  2. Fly aircraft at low levels over 50 mile grids to collect data.
  3. Go on ground with data and follow up with depth tools. 

RSS anticipates 3 - 4 more 2-week trips to complete their work on the entire onshore concession.

Treaty Energy's shareholders can view information about Radar Satellite Solution on their website at for a more complete understanding of their process.

Andrew Reid, Chairman and CEO of Treaty Energy, stated, "We are very pleased with the performance of RSS as this project moves forward. We expect to have our first well site chosen by RSS over the next several weeks. Once this is accomplished, Treaty and our JV Partner, Princess Petroleum, will implement the procedure to permit and drill well #1."

Mr. Reid added, "John Barksdale, President of Treaty, will be on the ground in Belize following completion of the acidizing of two wells on the Tennessee leases that are scheduled to be done in about two weeks. In addition, Gerard Danos, COO of Treaty, will be on site to receive Treaty Energy's specially equipped aircraft when it is delivered to Belize. We expect completion of equipment installation and delivery of the aircraft to Belize forthwith."

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