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July 31, 2012 09:30 ET

Tree Top Industries, Inc. Provides Corporate Update

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 31, 2012) -  Tree Top Industries, Inc. (OTCBB: TTII) is today beginning a journey that we believe will position our company for exciting growth. We have begun a multi-month marketing effort which has a two-fold set of goals:

  • First, we wish to raise the capital necessary to complete an acquisition of a private company that will bring immediate revenue into the corporate umbrella. 
  • Second, we are seeking an investment partner to complete development of our revolutionary hazardous waste disposal system.

Tree Top's shareholders have long understood that our corporate model follows in the steps of Teledyne, which has structured itself as an industrial conglomerate, holding more than 150 different companies across verticals. This structure allows for growth through acquisition, separation of profits and losses, and the ability to attract capital by focusing our investors on certain areas of our company which have the most immediate gain, while still allocating R&D dollars to those projects that can make a difference.

Funding of Tree Top Industries will come in many forms. As our intention is to grow this company through investment, we are looking to best help the company succeed in its goals, while retaining investors and limiting any financing that would cause undue strain on our stock price, or on our shareholders. We have been closely examining all proposals that have been presented and are close to the selection of financing that we believe will meet all of our corporate requirements.

One of the most important aspects of our company is our goal to significantly change the manner in which hazardous waste -- the waste that pollutes water and leaches into the ground -- is dealt with. Through our investment in BioEnergy Applied Technology (BAT), we have obtained intellectual property and technology that can eliminate hazardous waste without incineration, leaving a zero residue footprint behind. This system successfully destroys, without any incineration or heavy energy use, both pharmaceutical waste which is the result of the drug manufacturing process, and regulated biomedical waste, such as diseased tissue and organs, syringes, bandages, and fluids, which are found in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices all over the world. These types of waste, if not treated, hauled, and stored in specific landfills approved for this purpose, can leach into the ground, water, and cause environmental chaos. The BAT system turns hazardous waste into harmless CO2, Nitrogen, and steam. Upon completion and formal adoption of this technology by customers such as hospitals or government entities, we believe that the contaminates being released into our Earth, through medical and other contaminated waste can be properly handled, reducing the chance of problems for our future generations.

Our company continues to be fully reporting on the OTCBB. Our full disclosure to shareholders related to our financials, corporate well being, and acquisitions sets us apart from many other companies out there. We believe in a high bar of ethical responsibility and financial reporting.

"We have been working for many years to position our company for growth," states Kathy Griffin, President of Tree Top Industries, Inc. "We are now looking to execute against our internal business plans since we have begun negotiation with an international financing firm, and continue to review acquisition proposals. As a PCOAB audited company, I believe that we are an attractive vehicle for investment partners, or companies wishing to go public. As we release further announcements related to funding, acquisitions, and successes through international partnerships, I will be sure to update our shareholders through press, our corporate web site, or social media channels."

About Tree Top Industries, Inc.
Tree Top Industries, Inc. (TTII) is a publicly traded, mini conglomerate, based in part on Teledyne's business model. Tree Top Technologies has subsidiaries and affiliates that include intellectual properties, proprietary systems, and trade secrets in the bioscience, nanoscience, clean tech, and global health technologies along with other emerging technologies and fields. Tree Top Industries current status and moving forward strategy is in the development stage actively acquiring companies & technologies using several different business paradigms, including exchange of stock, joint venture, and other partnership configurations.

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