November 01, 2012 09:57 ET

TrendPo Predicts Nov. 6 Election Using Only News, Sentiment, Social

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2012) - TrendPo, a data metrics company for politicians, predicts all of the US Election races next Tuesday based purely on social and news buzz.

The TrendPo Rank is based on an algorithm that takes inputs like social media (Facebook / Twitter) and traditional newspapers (WSJ, CNN, NYTimes, and 12 others) to compare how politicians perform relative to their peers. Every news article is scanned with sentiment analysis to award positively written articles and penalize negative ones. In short, it's a daily ranking of social and news buzz. Unlike current polling methods which only track a few races, TrendPo can show momentum on any race every day.

"Political polling is an antiquated process. Its high costs, sampling bias, and lagging speed to breaking news is criticized in every election season. We've really never had a viable alternative until now," says founder JD Chang. "Social media completes the cycle of what politicians ultimately want to know: how their message is being received by constituents. Nowadays, politicians push message to news outlets who interpret the message to audiences, who then vet the message using social media as their voice. TrendPo Rank tracks every part of that cycle to give everyone, from reporters to voters, a daily favorability poll for every national politician."

Audiences can keep up with TrendPo's Nov. 6th predictions and analysis on their blog page. The TrendPo Rank algorithm has had an eighty percent correlation with all the Real Clear Politics polls over the last seven weeks. "That's eighty percent in correlation to the margin in the polls, not just calling the winner," says Chang. "Given the volatility and bias of the different polling companies themselves, we think that's a pretty high mark."

Even after November 6th, political audiences can use TrendPo to continue tracking social and news momentum. The TrendPo Pro analytics tool allows paid subscribers to dive into data inputs, compare any number of politicians, and print out daily infographics. It's all part of TrendPo's mission to bring big data to the world of politicians and political issues.

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TrendPo is a data metrics company targeted specifically for politicians and political issues. We rank every national politician each day on news, social, and sentiment to show trends and momentum. TrendPo is based in SF.

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