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December 07, 2010 05:48 ET

TrendPointers, LLC and Vertical Reach Media Introduce Medianomic Signals™, an Investment Letter That Provides Self-Directed Investors With the Earliest Signals to Fast-Changing Markets

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 7, 2010) - Medianomic Signals is powered by the TrendPointers™ research that captures the predictive power of media coverage of the economy, the recession and housing, and makes sense of the volatility in this era of 24/7 media. "There is just too much information for conventional measures to distill and organize in a manner that enables investors to make informed and timely investment decisions," according to Mike Shutty, Managing Partner of TrendPointers, LLC.

Medianomic Signals incorporates the first-alerts of TrendPointers, providing investors with investment strategies that leverage market shifts well before they are reported by conventional indicators.

Bill Gentry, EVP Managing Director Vertical Reach Media, said of Medianomic Signals, "Vertical Reach Media's MicroCapGems newsletter was our initial commitment to providing investors with innovative research that results in sustainable, higher returns. We've been seeking partnerships with providers of research methodologies that are both unique and innovative. We are very pleased to have created this groundbreaking newsletter with TrendPointers. Their methodologies and proven results are the most compelling partnership opportunity that we've seen after courting dozens of potential partners. The opportunity to leverage the power of TrendPointers innovations about how media content anticipates shifts in economic and market cycles is a rare find and we're very happy with the way our investor audience has received the first few issues of Medianomic Signals."

Rich Spitzer, CEO, added, "We live in an age of information overload and contradiction, with near universal access to the same information. TrendPointers was developed to provide that elusive edge in finding truly new leading indicators that reflect current and future economic expectations. Our partnering with Vertical Reach Media to create Medianomic Signals brings trading leverage to the self-directed investor."

Ted Lundgren, Managing Principal of Hg Capital Advisors, LLC, noted, "Everyone is using the same data, reading the same charts and waiting for the same reports... for the first time, TrendPointers provides Medianomic Signals subscribers with access to a truly reliable source for trading ahead of the turns."

About Vertical Reach Media

Vertical Reach Media (VRM) is the advertising/media group within Zacks Investment Research, one of the most highly regarded firms in the investment industry. The philosophy behind our work is that there must be a good reason for brokerage firms to spend billions of dollars a year on stock research; these investment experts know something special that may be indicative of the future direction of stock prices. We have been determined to unlock that knowledge and make it available to our clients to help them improve their investment results.

About TrendPointers, LLC

TrendPointers was founded in 2005, developing and applying new leading indicators of economic and market cycles. PreCast Signal models are used to signal outcomes of market indexes and ETF's well ahead of conventional leading indicators.

Medianomic Signals is published every two weeks and a free trial subscription is available. For more information: or or contact:

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