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Trends and Design for Everyone: Unveiling of the 2009 RONA by Design Collection

Includes a new collection of interior doors with stained-glass windows designed exclusively for RONA by Jean-Claude Poitras

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RONA inc. (TSX:RON), the largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation and gardening products, unveiled new items from its RONA by Design 2009 collection today. The launch included a presentation on the major trends behind the key design concepts that make it easy for consumers to take on themselves or have realized the latest in renovation and home decoration projects. The 2009 collection also includes interior doors with stained-glass windows created by the renowned designer Jean-Claude Poitras, offered exclusively at RONA.

"RONA by Design represents a democratization of design, allowing consumers to create their own home decoration and renovation projects inspired by the latest trends, and based on concepts that have been reviewed and updated by professional designers, all while using products that are readily available at RONA - and all without having to spend the kind of money one usually associates with high-end design," said RONA Private label and RONA by Design marketing director Lisa Lemay.

"These days, we can observe that the economic downturn is acting as a catalyst for new trends. What was once considered luxurious has become elegant while people are less interested in "bling" and are returning to an innocent sense of nostalgia built on fundamental values," said Consultant, trend expert and long-time RONA partner Josette Buisson. "This is especially true for 2009. Every year we make sure that RONA by Design concepts are in tune with the leading trends and "in" colours, as well as responding to the latest consumer needs. Our goal is to make it easy for consumers to create and adapt each of our proposed concepts to suit their own tastes," she said.

"As far as home decoration objects go, my own creative process is closely in line with RONA and RONA by Design," said designer Jean-Claude Poitras. "Much like in the fashion world, where the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Isaac Mizrahi are creating collections for mass pret-a-porter retailers, as I did myself in the nineties in order to rid design of its elitist image, it's also possible to make quality design products for ultra chic home decoration and renovation projects available at an affordable price. It's in this very spirit that I created the stained-glass windows for RONA by Design 2009, which are offered exclusively at RONA," he added.

RONA by Design has drawn on three styles as inspiration for the 2009 collection: Oasis, Global Village and Spirit. Each style lends itself to a variety of projects for a total of 30 concepts that will make their way into RONA stores over the course of the year. These concepts include ideas for basements, bathrooms and bedrooms and - since outdoor decoration is an increasingly popular pastime - ideas for facades, terraces, gardens and balconies.

Oasis Style

The Oasis style collection for 2009 favours graceful forms and sumptuous materials in soft and muted colours. These elements fulfill a longing for the good old days and a return to fundamental values. The overall look derived from the Oasis style brings to mind fine-spun embroidery, Versailles-inspired chandeliers, flowered tapestries and clear glass objects.

"Remember that our last recession was behind the growth of cocooning," said Consultant and trend expert Josette Buisson. "The Oasis style brings the luxurious materials that provide the creature comforts we want at home into play."

Creating the impression you're on the banks of the Seine, the Oasis style draws upon Parisian refinement and charm, called up in the style's pastel colourings, sprinkled by touches of violet, discreetly charming pinks and dabs of grey and lavender, with the whole of it brought together in creamy hues.

Global Village Style

The 2009 Global Village style collection offers a decor where exotic influences are wed to contemporary currents in order to create an all-natural style, accentuated by warm colours in wood and metal tones that are precisely punctuated with decorative objects. The decors inspired by this style reference the animal, vegetable, and mineral worlds and include North Africa inspired mosaics, multicoloured stripes and objects with a pewter or natural fibre finish.

"The Global Village style takes us on a journey to far-off lands and gives us a thirst for even more exotic landscapes," Josette Buisson explains.

To conjure up dreams of other worlds, the Global Village style favours bronzed colourings tinged with olives and aubergines, with the entire palette blended together with earth tones.

Spirit Style

The 2009 Spirit style collection is characterized by a graphic style using basic, modern lines expressed through primary colours and simple tones of white, black and grey. Humorous and irreverent, the Spirit decor calls up a brilliant blend of chrome, glass and mirror, accommodating objects with a slightly retro feel, like sixties pop flowers and stuffed pillows with bows. Chrome is ubiquitous in the bathrooms, while objects made of wood grain or grey mosaic ceramics give depth to bathroom surfaces.

"Generation Y, the generation that embraces playfulness and doesn't take itself too seriously when it comes to questions of interior decoration, is truly at home in the Spirit style," says Josette Buisson.

With a taste for "marshmallow strawberries" or marzipan, the Spirit style plays up contrasts to their fullest, going from yellow to anthracite without forgetting to include candy pink or cool green along the way. As always, the colour white generates a dynamic sense of harmony between contrasting shades.

Doors with stained-glass windows signed Jean-Claude Poitras

The interior doors with stained-glass windows designed by Jean-Claude Poitras are also a perfect fit for RONA by Design styles. The doors are manufactured by Moulding & Millwork and are offered exclusively at RONA.

The Oasis style door, designed in light pine, grew out of the designer's desire to revisit the tradition of good taste. The door and stained-glass window make reference to a revived and timeless classicism, much appreciated by Poitras, who delights in perpetuating the broad and beautiful narrative of history as a reference.

The Global Village style door in light pine wood, which can be tinted any shade to match one's decor, is an ode to authenticity, mixed with a sense of the exotic and a melange of genres from the four corners of the earth in terms of design.

For the Spirit style door, made of MDF, Poitras has taken a contemporary approach for the creation of his stained glass. The purity of lines, the audacity of forms, and the subtlety of textured glass have allowed him to create personalized and highly stylized interiors that are anything but bland.

RONA Collection Colour Guides

In order to create a harmonious marriage between all the different elements of each decor, RONA by Design 2009 also offers a colour guide for RONA Collection paints, to ensure the finishing touch on the success of any home decoration or interior or outdoor renovation concept. Whether you choose Oasis, Global Village or Spirit style, the colour schemes are guaranteed to balance in perfect harmony.

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