June 20, 2011 10:00 ET

Tri-City Medical Center Selects Sg2 INSIGHT to Help Deliver Low-Cost, Quality Services Across the Care Continuum

Clinical Performance Data and Expert-Led Resources Address Health Care Reform Legislation Issues

SKOKIE, IL--(Marketwire - Jun 20, 2011) - Sg2, a health care intelligence and information services company, announced a multiyear contract with Tri-City Medical Center, located in Oceanside, CA, for Sg2 INSIGHT Clinical Performance Management System.

In the wake of health care reform, Tri-City Medical Center's ability to meet performance targets, decrease costs and increase clinical effectiveness is critical to its success. It will achieve these initiatives with Sg2 INSIGHT, an advanced analytics platform that integrates patient-level data to provide monthly enterprise value metrics with drill-down capabilities, expert guidance and recommendations and intelligence. Tri-City Medical Center will be able to track key metrics, benchmark performance against peer hospitals and identify inefficiencies in care to help reduce variation in cost, quality and utilization across the care continuum. INSIGHT is based on the Sg2 Systems of CARE™ (Clinical Alignment and Resource Effectiveness) methodology and addresses issues such as physician performance, potentially avoidable admissions and patient care handoffs that span inpatient and outpatient settings.

Core to Tri-City Medical Center's strategic plan is the capacity to compile, track and interpret key performance indicators that help identify and prioritize improvement initiatives. This plan will utilize INSIGHT's Sg2's Value Index™, an executive level performance improvement and benchmarking methodology that evaluates and quantifies an organization's level of value delivered across the care continuum. Derived by using reform-ready metrics -- including potentially avoidable admissions and 30-day readmissions -- the Sg2 Value Index will help Tri-City Medical Center set meaningful performance improvement goals and track progress on a monthly basis at the enterprise, service line, disease and physician levels.

"Sg2 INSIGHT analytics provide Tri-City Medical Center with powerful data and drill-down tools. This includes comparisons against leading practices and peer hospitals, so we always know where we stand," says Tri-City Medical Center's Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Casey Fatch. "Thirty-day readmissions will soon be subject to future penalties against total Medicare payments. The Sg2 Value Index -- in particular -- will help us effectively manage our admissions -- beyond the acute care setting -- and help expand our thinking regarding cost contributors."

"To address the new realities of reform, health care executives must reduce costs and increase the quality and value delivered for every dollar they receive," says Sg2 President Steve Lefar. "Tri-City Medical Center will stay ahead of the curve by implementing a system that translates data into action. Sg2 INSIGHT will help them pinpoint breakdowns along the System of CARE and ensure patients are being treated in the right setting, ultimately demonstrating performance improvement to all stakeholders -- patients, clinicians, leadership, payers, communities and even bond holders."

As an INSIGHT customer, Tri-City Medical Center has access to a portfolio of resources, including Sg2 University courses, Web seminars, on-site leadership discussions, publications, expert opinions and ongoing networking opportunities. These offerings provide relevant information and thought leadership to support key business initiatives and to acquire strategies for success.

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