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The Tri-Screen Connection

January 27, 2010 07:15 ET

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) Activates Prototype of Its New Multi-Media and Systems Convergence Solution for Unified Delivery in the Broadband World

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) today announced it has engineered an operational prototype of its new multi-media systems convergence solution -- for broadband households worldwide. Focusing on consumer market readiness to subscribe to a three screen solution, The Tri-Screen Connection is a developmental service opportunity for technology suppliers and operators determined to win market-share by placing television, Internet and mobile phone on a common rail.

The Technology Platform, Chord3(SM), combines an IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) core communications signaling system and home subscriber database with an integrated, carrier-grade multi-media application server. The aligned processes are designed to unify delivery of voice, data, and video applications across the three most commonly used screens -- TV, PC, and mobile phone.

Developed to power The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) service -- an important new brand of personal multi-media services -- the Chord3(SM) Technology Platform will allow broadband-connected households to experience an expanded triple-play of advanced communications services minus the usual operational restrictions pertaining to voice, data, and video technologies.

With one user profile and log-in for managing inter-networking connectivity and content across TV, PC and mobile phone, the Chord3(SM) Technology Platform can elegantly deliver true convergence of standards-based inter-networking for distributing robust multi-media services and content. The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) service is being developed to fulfill market demand for extending entertainment options beyond current Pay TV offerings, by adding new and older movie releases, older TV programs, music videos, user-generated content, educational programs, and social TV across three screens.

In addition to turning-up its multi-media system prototype and demonstrating convergence of audio and video sessions, multi-party conferencing, instant messaging, file transfer, presence services, and contact management, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) services group is in the process of:

--  Comparing the feature functionality of several IMS client (end-user)
    programs and terminal devices prior to implementing The Tri-Screen
    Connection(SM) as a universally available consumer and business broadband
    application service.
--  Establishing supplier resource relationships with leading original
    equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of next-generation multi-media signaling
    software, media resource gateways, video servers, and billing systems
    designed for converged networks.
--  Analyzing software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as on-line
    video channel and video-on-demand (VOD) distribution and scheduling for
    managing publishing, measuring, and monetizing high-quality video content
    to TV, PC, and mobile devices. SaaS-based solutions promise reduced upfront
    costs plus long-term operational savings versus in-house systems that are
    often custom and more costly to manage for program scheduling and ad

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) is being designed to complete the missing link of services convergence. To support its go-to-market strategy, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) service would include access to a rich compilation of IMS technologies; including cross-platform session initiation protocol (SIP)-based audio and video telephony, conformance with Internet protocol television (IPTV), VOD, and user-generated content (UGC) distribution, Rich Communications Services, user-defined privacy and security settings, billing flexibility for subscription or on-demand services payment, and much more -- all leading to a true multi-media experience that extends the current Pay TV model with unified distribution of voice, data, and video over a single platform.

About The Tri-Screen Connection(SM)

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new convergence-oriented services. The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) strategy answers the call for long-promised convergence by incorporating the three most commonly used screens, TV, PC, and mobile device, in a technological solution that is easy-to-use, readily extensible, and seamlessly integrated, and presents a unique market opportunity in a new area of communications technology. For more information, please go to

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