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November 03, 2009 07:15 ET

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) Presents the New Triple-Play, an Integrated Multi-Media and Systems Convergence Strategy for the Broadband World

The Power of The Tri-Screen Connection(SM): Video, Voice, and Data Convergence Across Legacy and Next-Gen IP Platforms With Television & Video Streaming, Social Networking, and Mobility Applications Fully Integrated

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) - Today's mainstream consumer represents a lift-off point for broad adoption of new convergence-oriented services. The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) strategy answers the call for long-promised convergence by incorporating the three most commonly used screens, TV, PC, and Mobile Device, in a technological solution that is easy-to-use, readily extensible, and seamlessly integrated, and presents a unique first to market opportunity in a new area of communications technology.

The demands of the new social communications paradigm require that content creation and consumption be coupled with the capability to share that content. The first to provide a convenient solution for Social TV will lead the market, forecasted to grow beyond 25 million users over the next five years. By offering Social TV connectivity to friends and community peers -- much like on-line PC and mobile phone users -- familiar social networking can gain rapid market momentum on this staple household medium.

The market for seamlessly sharing video and other services across television, PC, and mobile phone screens has not evolved overnight -- by necessity, public awareness, learning, and acceptance of Pay TV, broadband Internet, and mobile telephone technologies and service models have had to precede the next opportunity for instantaneous convergence of these traditionally distinct communications services.

Here is where, as a developmental initiative, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) strategy represents a cutting edge, multifaceted synapse of user expectations and technological capabilities at a time when media and communication subscribers have come to expect triple-play services from a single source. The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) strategy also embodies an important new brand of personal multi-media solutions that will allow Cable, Mobile, Satellite, Telcos, Broadcasters, and other On-line service providers to initiate technologically-advanced services and branding strategies to enhance subscriber retention and acquisition opportunities.

Importantly, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) represents the removal of product and technology silos for each service element which will allow any web-oriented enterprise to offer converged multi-media services. For the on-line services provider, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) becomes a logical evolution of the end-user's current triple-play, offering a true service extension that simultaneously protects hard-won customer relationships and/or large user communities, while stimulating new services revenue growth. The elegance of converged services is enabled by standards-based inter-networking solutions available to service providers and content distributors today.

"When 25% of a consumer market is expressing readiness to subscribe to a three-screen solution, the operator or web enterprise with first mover advantage has a lot to win," said Rick Preti, President, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM). "Remarkably, given the size of the available market and deficiency of applicable solutions, opportunity exists for those able to get out in front. Network operators or web-oriented enterprises that are first to market with this service could drive substantial customer, revenue, and margin improvements."

The basis for generating sales to service operators relies on their ability to generate significant and new end-user subscription fees for multi-media services. By positioning the operator's multi-screen offering to emulate the quality of their TV content, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) subscription can be modeled as an extension of the primary Pay TV service -- a value added proposition supported by tested market demand.

For the end-user, The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) is a triple-play of expanded services minus the usual technical borders pertaining to voice, data, and video services. The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) can remain simple and convenient for the subscriber -- one provider, one bill, one user profile for managing internetworking connectivity and social or business contacts, one venue for Web or other communication applications, video content, advertising, and on-line transactions.

Chord3(SM) Technology Platform

Designed to power The Tri-Screen Connection(SM), the Chord3(SM) Technology Platform can enable multi-media services across both next-generation and traditional (legacy) networks by linking the necessary ingredients from multiple and disparate enterprise systems. Complete multi-media services can then be delivered in a unified way -- an important feature for subscriber retention and growth.

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) solution is designed to be turnkey; leveraged by the Chord3(SM) Technology Platform -- the missing link of convergence. To support a go-to-market strategy, the Chord3(SM) Technology Platform would include pre-engineered clearinghouse, provisioning, technology, applications, and content for a true multi-media experience.

About The Tri-Screen Connection(SM)

The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) product strategy is the first of its kind within the multi-media technology space. It utilizes standards-based elements coupled with current technology platform components & end-user applications; time-honored BSS/OSS for provisioning, account activation & billing; plus available video content & network distribution services. Evolution of The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) service concept will be guided by The Tri-Screen Connection(SM) Services Group, which believes there is sufficient broadband household demand and revenue potential to support a video-based three-screen multi-media licensing bundle. The solution requires custom development based on the needs of the service provider. For more information, please go to

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