Triacta Power Technologies Inc.

Triacta Power Technologies Inc.

January 24, 2012 09:37 ET

Triacta Introduces New High Density Building Automation Submeters that Transform Properties into Intelligent Buildings

New, more cost-effective meters bridge energy information gap while delivering extended energy management features - with future-proof technology

ALMONTE, CANADA--(Marketwire - Jan. 24, 2012) - Triacta Power Technologies Inc. is introducing a new series of High Density Building Automation submeters targeting the Intelligent Building Market and addressing recent requirements for comprehensive building energy benchmarking in the United States.

With the new PowerHawk® 4000 series meter, Triacta has refined its well-proven submetering platform for seamless integration with existing Building Automation Systems, Internet Protocol (IP) based IT servers, and business applications such as Energy Management Systems - a cost-effective solution that can communicate with all systems simultaneously.

Triacta meters are built using standard industry protocols and come complete with field upgradable firmware - making the 4000 series a future-proof solution that will perform for years to come.

The 4000 series of meters has the following key features:

  • Full suite of logged metering parameters including: Wh delivered and received (Net Meter), VARh delivered and received, VAh, Vrms, Irms
  • Programmable measurement and reporting intervals from 5 to 60 minutes
  • Multi-protocol support and flexibility: simultaneous access via all protocols, enabling legacy Building Automation support simultaneous with IP support for Intelligent Building IT applications
  • Building Automation: MODBUS® TCP, MODBUS RTU over RS-485 and BACnet® IP
  • Internet Protocol: TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, PPP, SNTP, FTP
  • Field upgradable firmware for future protocol support
  • Non-Volatile memory for logged data storage up to 2.4 years
  • Integrated support for 120V/208V, 120V/240V, 277V/480V services (reference voltage and control voltage)
  • 333 mV, 80 mA and 100 mA output CTs
  • 25 pair cabling system for efficient CT installation

The 4000 series of meters comes in 2 configurations: 4X24 and 4X06. The 4X24 is a 24-element submeter designed to accommodate up to 24 single-phase meter points, 12 2-phase meter-points, or 8 3-phase meter-points. The 4X06 is a 6-element submeter designed to accommodate 6 single-phase meter points, 3 2-phase meter-points, and 2 3-phase meter-points.

Tiered System Integrator and Channel pricing available. The 4000 series may be ordered today with off-the-shelf availability March 1st.

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Long known for its high-reliability, revenue-grade, multi-protocol submetering products, Triacta's meters have been deployed by submetering companies, property owners, building system integrators and Local Distribution Companies since 2003.

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