TrigPoint Solutions Inc.

TrigPoint Solutions Inc.

April 23, 2012 12:32 ET

TrigPoint Launches Mobile Service Hours Module

DENVER, COLORADO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2012) - TrigPoint Solutions, Inc. ("TrigPoint") announced today the launch of PROMPTT® System Hours of Service ("HOS") module to ensure full compliance with hours of service regulations. Once again, TrigPoint is combining the efficiency of Radio Frequency Identification ("RFID") technology and mobile technology with unique interactive user applications.

"We take pride in continually expanding TrigPoint's product offerings to dramatically improve our clients' business efficiency," said Greg Slater, VP Business Development. "Our HOS module runs on the same basic premise as our successful PROMPTT® System. HOS is automated, easy-to-use and effectively delivers a direct win for both management and individual users. We are pleased to provide another program to save our clients time and money, both valuable assets in today's economy."

Management can capture immediate benefit by initiating TrigPoint's HOS module. They can monitor drivers in real-time and access up-to-date hours of service data for any driver or vehicle throughout their organization. Inspection and audits are simplified because both drivers and the company are able to fully comply with local and federal HOS regulations through complete, accurate and up-to-date hours of service records accompanied by full supporting data.

TrigPoint's HOS streamlines the entire process for drivers with user-friendly mobile devices that completely replace daily logbooks, redundant paperwork and tedious data entry. Each driver is assigned a unique RFID tag to log onto the mobile device and access the HOS module. Interactive icons and instruction screens prompt drivers to complete specific actions. After a short series of clicks, drivers quickly start their shift, change their duty status, display their current daily and accumulated time/duty log and perform mandatory pre-trip and post-trip inspection activities. Multiple drivers use a single mobile device and roam between devices. Both drivers and managers receive an immediate alert if a driver exceeds limits or is in violation of regulations.

TrigPoint's new HOS module reduces the burden of maintaining compliance with current hours of service regulations and related comprehensive rules, responsibilities and administrative requirements. In the past, companies relied on tedious amounts of paperwork, data entry and clerical effort. Drivers required a thorough understanding of regulations and limits in current and accumulated activity. TrigPoint HOS streamlines preparation for inspection and audit and reduces the potential for violation of regulations. HOS eliminates many previous clerical processes involving collection of field logbooks and supporting documents, checking and verifying all hours of service for each driver and the cumbersome consolidation of all hours of service information.

TrigPoint Solutions, Inc. is an established leader in mobile execution and compliance systems developed specifically for the oil and gas industry. TrigPoint works with companies to manage the execution and compliance of business processes and controls associated with their mobile assets and workforce. TrigPoint delivers immediate return on investment by maximizing performance, productivity and accuracy.

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