TrigPoint Solutions Inc.

TrigPoint Solutions Inc.

February 07, 2011 09:15 ET

TrigPoint Launches PROMPTT® QuickStart

DENVER, COLORADO--(Marketwire - Feb. 7, 2011) - TrigPoint Solutions, Inc. ("TrigPoint") announced today the launch of PROMPTT® QuickStart, a ready-to-use fully automated asset tracking and maintenance system. PROMPTT® QuickStart is designed to help drilling contractors quickly and easily deploy asset tracking and maintenance with advanced mobile execution and compliance. This leading-edge technology delivers immediate value by leveraging from industry tracking and maintenance best practices and is a cost effective leap forward to automating additional business processes and controls associated with mobile assets and a field-based workforce.

"We communicate every day with drilling contractors who either do not track their assets or believe their maintenance program is limited and less than effective. Some fully recognize the potential value of automating certain rig-based activities but do not know where to start. PROMPTT® QuickStart is the answer. Fully configured and ready-to-use, this automated asset tracking and maintenance system requires minimal investment in client time and resources," said Greg Slater, VP Business Development. "Our new technology encompasses effective asset tracking and maintenance strategies utilized by some of the largest contractors in the industry at a fraction of the cost. PROMPTT® QuickStart is paperless, easy-to-use, ruggedized, multi-lingual and delivers maximum asset performance and uptime."

PROMPTT® QuickStart features:

  • RFID tags to uniquely identify assets;
  • automated asset tracking and management (including material transfers);
  • pre-configured rounds, checks and readings for major equipment (i.e. operating hours, meter readings, fuels levels, pressures and temperatures);
  • pre-configured maintenance of major equipment such as the accumulator, drawworks, engines, HPUs, mud pumps and top drive;
  • ruggedized hand-held devices for executing tracking, rounds and readings and maintenance activities;
  • access to PROMPTT®'s business dynamic back-end and pre-configured reports to monitor and manage rig activity compliance.

PROMPTT® QuickStart is a pre-configured version of PROMPTT®, an advanced mobile execution and compliance system delivering immediate return on investment by maximizing asset and workforce performance, productivity and accuracy. It is completely pro-active, automated and paperless. TrigPoint combines Radio Frequency Identification ("RFID") technology, ruggedized mobile devices, interactive end-user applications, PROMPTT®'s business dynamic back-end and mobile integration to link assets and workforce to any corporate ERP, EAM or CMM systems. PROMPTT® is rapidly deployable, effective and user-friendly. It can ensure compliance with customer business policies, procedures and controls associated with asset tracking, maintenance and certifications as well as workforce safety, job analysis and time and attendance.

TrigPoint Solutions, Inc. is an established leader in mobile execution and compliance systems developed specifically for the oil and gas industry. TrigPoint works with companies to manage the execution and compliance of business processes and controls associated with their mobile assets and workforce and delivers immediate return on investment by maximizing performance, productivity and accuracy.

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