Trinity Valley Energy Corp.

Trinity Valley Energy Corp.

September 09, 2014 10:34 ET

Trinity Valley Provides Update on STARS

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Sept. 9, 2014) - Trinity Valley Energy Corp. (TSX VENTURE:TE) (The "Company") and Anderson County Land Company ("ACLC") announce Dr. Myron Kuhlman of Houston, Texas commenced his modeling of the Carrizo reservoir of the Days Chapel Enhanced Oil Recovery ("EOR") Project ("Days Chapel" or the "Project"), in early July, 2014.

A key deliverable in his modeling is a "match' to the history of the successful Slocum steam flood undertaken by Shell in the 1970s on the Slocum Field, 2 miles south of Days Chapel. ACLC has been able to procure the internal Shell reporting which demonstrated that Shell recovered an average of 52% of the Original-Oil-In-Place on the well patterns which they stimulated with steam. This report included an opinion that through refinement in the process the recovery rate could be have been as high a 65%. Mr. Kuhlman is in the process of completing an initial phase model which applies the Shell technology onto Days Chapel. This direct comparison is important as it will provide a base for the independent reservoir engineers in their preparation of a National Instrument 51-101 compliant independent engineering report.

ACLC has identified Laroche Petroleum Consultants Ltd ("Laroche") of Plano Texas who are qualified to issue and complete a NI 51-101 compliant reserve report. Laroche has conducted an initial scoping of the Days Chapel Field for a reservoir evaluation. ACLC will deliver Dr. Myron Kuhlman's completed STARS report to Laroche upon its completion.

Upon completion the direct comparison to the Shell Slocum Field (which is based on inverted 7-spot) a number of variables will be modeled with STARS including but not necessarily limited to: (a) inclusion of laterals; (b) a follow up polymer flood (c) change in pattern orientation.

The average permeability of the Slocum reservoir per the Shell internal report was 2,300 Millidarcies ("MD"). Mr Kuhlman's modeling has calculated areas Days Chapel where the permeability exceeds 12,000 MD. The higher the MD measurement the more receptive the formation is to steam injectivity. N average for Days Chapel is in the process of being calculated. For comparison, the average for the Lloydminster heavy oil fields of east central Alberta is 1,200 to 1,500 MD.

In July 2014, Core Laboratories in Bakersfield, California completed steam injectivity tests on 9 core samples submitted by ACLC from Days Chapel. Recoveries of oil-in-place ranged from 52.6% upwards to 82.6%. These results of these tests have been integrated into the STARS simulations.

STARS ("thermal reservoir simulator and advanced recovery processes") software, which is developed and maintained by Computer Modelling Group, is the industry standard software for the evaluation of heavy oil reservoirs and the simulation of various exploitation techniques inclusive but not limited to SAGD. Dr. Kuhlman is a licensed user of STARS and has applied it for many of his clients.

About The Days Chapel Project

The Days Chapel oilfield in Anderson County, East Texas is shallow Carrizo sand (Eocene Formation) at a depth of 550 feet to 700 feet. The formation lacks natural reservoir "drive" in the form of solution natural gas or water drive. Accordingly, it must be artificially heated to enable the oil to be produced.

The Days Chapel oilfield is one of a number of contiguous Carrizo oilfields in the southern part of Anderson County. Because the Carrizo formation lacks natural reservoir energy in the form of solution natural gas or water drive, in the late 1960's Shell Oil Company developed the Slocum field, less than two miles south of Days Chapel with a full scale steam-injection using vertical well 7-spot injection patterns.


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