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September 05, 2012 11:00 ET

Tripwire Aligns Information Security With Business Objectives and Goals With New Versions of Tripwire® Enterprise, Tripwire Log Center® and VIA™ Data Mart

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Sep 5, 2012) - Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of IT security solutions, today announced three coordinated, crucial product enhancements that work as an integrated solution and enable organizations to dynamically connect IT security to the businesses and missions it serves. The new versions of Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire Log Center, and Tripwire VIA Data Mart work together to help C-level executives and board members understand, assess and manage their organization's security posture while enhancing the industry-leading products.

These solutions are available independently, but when implemented together create an end-to-end system that connects IT security to the initiatives and priorities of the larger business; protects critical IT systems through continuous monitoring and assessment, and immediately detects deviations from this protected state while feeding the alerting and event management systems that organizations depend on. This Connect > Protect > Detect approach assures that a layered security approach does not live in a technical vacuum, but is an integral part of business processes and management. 

"Conversations in the past 12 months with CISOs, security architects, and information security directors across the world revealed an inescapable truth," says Dwayne Melancon, Tripwire CTO. "Any organization's ability to protect its information systems, or to detect suspicious events and breach activity, is only as good as its ability to connect this information to the things the organization cares about: major initiatives, long-term goals, competitive advantages, and the things that really matter, whether that's expressed as customer data, intellectual property or new product designs." 

This requires a risk-based approach to security monitoring and management, and it also requires solutions that are technologically aligned with that approach. Tripwire is providing solutions for organizations to effectively connect security to the business by prioritizing and managing their critical assets and controls and providing specific and relevant business context to an organization's security efforts. Today's release from Tripwire includes updates to three products -- Tripwire Enterprise, Tripwire Log Center and Tripwire Data Mart -- that work together through the Tripwire VIA platform to connect security teams to the organizations they serve, protect information systems in a business-centric and risk-focused way, and speed detection of the exploits and errors that lead to data loss.

Tripwire Connects Security to the Business:
Tripwire enables organizations to measure, manage and prioritize their security posture and risk in a dynamic world. Tripwire connects security to the business by:

  • Aligning security controls to business concepts of priority, risk and importance
  • Continuously measuring security and risk through one rolled-up, objective score
  • Delivering reports that are data-driven yet easily understood by non-technical executives
  • Making it easy to integrate with existing decision support and business intelligence solutions
  • Saving organizations time and money in their efforts to reduce risks in the business

Tripwire Protects the systems businesses depend upon:
Tripwire assures the continuous security configuration management that has proven most critical to an organization's defenses.

  • Makes enterprise-wide security configuration management available and cuts time spent on management and agent issues
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by simplifying daily operations and eliminates the "hunt" for connection or reporting causes
  • Provides the first SCM solution to offer assessment for cloud environments

Tripwire Detects security incidents early:
Tripwire detects leading indicators of anomalous activity that compromise systems and lead to exploits.

  • Provides system state intelligence by identifying suspicious activity and high severity changes on your high value assets
  • Gains additional business context by leveraging Asset View tags that classify your assets according to your business's organization and process for your incident detection efforts
  • Integrates with Active Directory to obtain user context by utilizing user entitlement, groups, roles and attributes to detect suspicious behavior of privileged users
  • Improves total cost of ownership for existing users by saving time with Dynamic Software Recognition
  • Delivers foundational security and ongoing integrity with new Cybercrime Content

"Tripwire is committed to making security visible, measurable and accountable by helping our customers manage risk, dynamically protect their systems, and detect leading indicators of breach across their enterprise," said Melancon. "We want to provide our customers with solutions that make things easier to understand. We are firm believers of the adage that 'more security does not make you more secure,' we want to help our customers dynamically connect security teams to the organizations they serve." 

Tripwire Enterprise 8.2, Tripwire Log Center 6.6 and Tripwire VIA Data Mart 2.0 are all available immediately at For more information on each individual product please see relevant information at and at

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