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June 18, 2008 09:05 ET

Tripwire Announces Operational Policies for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS

Tripwire Enterprise Automates Configuration Control Across the Microsoft Technology Stack, Optimizing It for Maximum Performance and Reliability

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - June 18, 2008) - Tripwire, Inc. today announced operational configuration assessment policies for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft Exchange that allow Microsoft administrators to ensure the known and trusted state of these critical infrastructure components, helping ensure optimal performance. With its support of core business applications, Tripwire Enterprise is the first and only solution to comprehensively assure complete configuration control across the Microsoft technology stack, from Windows Server to Active Directory and SQL Server to Exchange and IIS.

For many businesses, Microsoft Exchange is the mission-critical tool that allows employees to communicate and be productive. Any IT organization focused on servicing the business implicitly understands the importance of ensuring 100 percent availability, integrity and security of its email application. Similarly, with Microsoft IIS serving 55 percent of all active Fortune 1000 Web sites(1), it is critical for companies to ensure its predictability. A single error in system configuration can generate unexpected downtime and fire fighting, thus it is imperative to control configurations of these mission-critical applications.

Tripwire Enterprise for Microsoft IIS and Exchange allows IT operations to ensure that these two critical business applications are configured to maximize operational performance. Many organizations spend large sums of money hiring consultants to help optimize application configurations to get the greatest performance and highest availability. Tripwire Enterprise now provides operational policies for IIS and Exchange servers with tests for settings recommended by industry experts and validated in demanding client environments.

Tripwire Enterprise proactively captures detailed configuration information from across Microsoft Exchange and IIS servers and automatically compares the data against Tripwire's operational policies. Tripwire Enterprise then automates the validation of the configurations and certifies that these business-critical applications comply with internal governance, external regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. Best practice operational policies for IIS and Exchange optimize the IT service stack for maximum performance and reliability. For example, Tripwire ensures that CPU monitoring settings are enabled correctly to prevent a single application pool from monopolizing IIS server resources and decreasing performance. Tripwire then maintains that setting with continuous change auditing. In fact, Tripwire's operational policy for IIS helps businesses achieve faster page loads, reduce hardware costs and operating expenses, and provide a consistent and reliable online experience.

"Tripwire stands alone in its breadth and depth of coverage, allowing IT managers to holistically and automatically monitor the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure for changes," said Dan Schoenbaum, SVP Marketing and Corporate Development, Tripwire. "With best practice policies tailored for organizations that rely on IIS and Exchange, Tripwire is extending its pioneering market leadership to bring customers more insight about the configuration of their infrastructure, increasing system availability, predictability and IT effectiveness."

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(1) PCWorld, August 19, 2007.

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