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October 22, 2007 08:15 ET

Tripwire Extends Its Industry Leading Infrastructure Coverage to Include Core Business Applications

Tripwire Enterprise Enhanced to Control Configuration Changes to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - October 22, 2007) - Tripwire, Inc. today announced that it is expanding the breadth of its flagship product, Tripwire Enterprise, to now audit configuration changes made to Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). With its support of core business applications, Tripwire Enterprise is the first and only configuration audit and control solution to comprehensively assure continuous compliance across the data center.

For many businesses, Microsoft Exchange is the mission-critical tool that allows employees to communicate and produce results. Any IT organization focused on servicing its business customers implicitly understands the importance of ensuring 100 percent availability, integrity and security of its email application. Similarly, with Microsoft IIS serving 36 percent of all active Web sites(1), it is critical for companies to ensure its reliability and security. A single unauthorized or non-compliant change to Microsoft Exchange or IIS could cause serious business implications if one of these servers slows or even fails. Therefore, the ability to understand who is making changes to these mission-critical applications and what specifically has changed is powerful in ensuring the quality, advanced security and predictability of these services. This market-leading functionality is also invaluable in the reduction of mean time to repair (MTTR), the ever important amount of time it takes for IT to restore a critical business service.

Unauthorized change is the leading factor of downtime, audit findings, security issues, and a variety of IT inefficiencies. EMA, Gartner, Forrester and IDC agree that the majority of application outages are due to change. Unauthorized change prevents IT departments from maintaining the accurate, trusted system state needed to support the business. To address unauthorized changes within Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS, Tripwire Enterprise now detects all configuration changes and automatically identifies unauthorized changes, policy exceptions and security violations. This is in addition to its market leading support for VMware, Oracle 9i and 10g and Microsoft SQL Server. Tripwire Enterprise helps IT quickly focus remediation efforts on these business applications and can optionally direct third-party tools to immediately restore systems to their expected state, often before a service degradation or outage occurs.

"Ensuring the consistent availability of our web site and email is of the highest priority because they are our primary communication channels to schools, students and employees," said Chad Plemons, VP Information Technology at Edfinancial. "That is why we are very much looking forward to employing Tripwire to help monitor these systems for unauthorized and unintended changes, further hardening our services and operationalizing our ability to meet business demands."

"Tripwire stands alone in its breadth and depth of coverage, allowing IT managers to holistically and automatically monitor the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure for changes," said Dan Schoenbaum, SVP Marketing and Corporate Development, Tripwire. "With the ability to monitor business critical applications for changes, Tripwire is extending its pioneering market leadership to bring customers even more intelligence about the innerworkings of their infrastructure, increasing system availability, predictability and IT effectiveness."

Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft IIS support is available immediately to Tripwire Enterprise 7 customers via Tripwire's customer support portal. Tripwire plans to announce the support for additional core business applications in the near future.

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(1) As of September 2007, according to Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company based in Bath, England.

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