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December 03, 2015 10:00 ET

trnql Expands Capabilities of Its Developer Platform With New "Who's Nearby" Contextual Signal for Mobile Apps

With Just a Few Lines of Code, trnql's New Smartpeople Contextual Signal Enables Developers to Enhance In-App User Experience by Making Apps Aware of the Proximity, Activity and Status of Users Nearby; The trnql Platform and SDK Goes Beyond the APIs Provided by Apple and Google, Reducing Development Time From Months to Minutes; trnql Invites Developers to Create Innovative "Contextually Aware" Applications Using the trnql SDK, With a Chance to Win $7,500 in Prizes

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2015) - trnql, pioneer of the world's first developer platform for contextual awareness, has added a powerful, new capability to its expanding array of contextual signals: SmartPeople. Now, for the first time, developers of Android, iOS and IoT applications can detect which other users of the app are nearby. By combining this signal with other contextual signals such as SmartActivity, SmartLocation, SmartWeather and SmartPlaces signals (which are currently available on the trnql developer platform), developers can easily add incredible richness and immediacy to their mobile applications.

Until now, adding context to a mobile app has been incredibly difficult -- requiring the developer to integrate 50-60 different APIs, hundreds of classes, and thousands of methods for both Android and iOS. Additionally, while the average smartphone has 7-10 sensors that collect data, this data is not easily combined, processed and propagated to the application layer. As a result, it takes developers 2-3 months to integrate basic contextual awareness to make their apps smarter.

The trnql Platform changes all this by providing a single framework that is so intuitive and easy to use that every developer now has the ability to build powerful contextual apps and replace hundreds of APIs, classes and methods (and months of work). What used to take days of development time can now be accomplished in hours: the impossible is now possible for every mobile developer.

"We unlock the hyper-local, social and mobile DNA of just about any app experience with our new SmartPeople feature. This capability is unique to the trnql platform -- it's simply not available from Apple or Google," said Nazmul Idris, founder and CEO of trnql. "When coupled with our SmartLocation or SmartPlaces signals, it makes the trnql platform the easiest and fastest way for all kinds of developers to deliver more social and local contextual experiences in their mobile apps."

SmartPeople adds a new dimension to user experience in mobile apps 

The new SmartPeople context signal equips mobile developers to make their apps more engaging, more useful, and more profitable. Available today in the trnql SDK, here are just a few examples of how it can transform a mobile app:

  • Who's nearby: an app can locate all its nearby users and act on that information, for example for meeting up, or sharing data between users of the app. A calendar app can figure out who's nearby in a meeting and enable in-app chat. A food-rating app can determine which users are nearby and if they've created any reviews. Dating and events apps can use this signal to detect nearby users and unlock contextually relevant social sharing features.
  • Who's doing what nearby: This adds a new dimension to the possibilities. A running app can show you who in your neighborhood (using that app) is actually running now, so you might join them for a group run. Any kind of event planning or social event planning app can be enhanced with this feature, because by knowing who's nearby and performing a specific activity (walking, running, etc.) an app can become really smart about how it operates.
  • Who's doing < customized state > nearby: This takes "who's nearby" to an entirely new level. An app can now share data about a specific user's "state" that may be relevant to other users nearby. For example, a calendaring app can detect that your co-worker, Julie, is nearby and is currently in a meeting -- therefore the "state" is "Julie is in a meeting." A fitness app can now easily share performance stats for each user in real time during an activity and within a specified proximity, providing instant gamification to get people more motivated about their fitness activity. The possibilities are truly limitless.

The "trnql challenge" invites developers to use the SmartPeople context signal and the trnql SDK to build a new generation of smart apps that are truly socially, locally, and environmentally aware

In conjunction with the launch of Smart People, trnql has just launched a Developer Challenge with $7,500 in prizes for developers who create the most innovative "contextually aware" applications using the trnql SDK. Previous participants have used trnql to create a help app for disaster relief; Wow-Note, a contextual smart note/to-do list app; Care Tracker, a location-based tracking service for sick loved ones; and World Air Quality, a smart app that notifies users of air quality based on global micro-climate data.

trnql turns apps into killer apps

trnql is the first comprehensive development platform that enables developers to enhance mobile and IoT apps by quickly and easily integrating an expanding universe of contextual signals. These signals are derived from a combination of smartphone sensors and IoT devices; local information on the phone; and external, cloud-based data sources. The trnql platform synthesizes these contextual signals and enables developers to instantly add "right-time experiences" to their mobile apps just by adding code snippets.

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In a mobile-first world, mobile developers need better tools to define app functionality and create great user experiences. trnql was created with a singular focus on developer experience (DevX) as a means of inspiring developers to create more engaging experiences through the use of "context" in their applications. trnql powers the next generation of mobile apps with rich, real-time contextual data from a wide variety of sources. Available as a suite of SDKs for Android, iOS and Internet of Things, the trnql SDKs enable developers to quickly and easily integrate context derived from sensor data, data stored locally, and web services from the cloud into applications that are more engaging, useful and profitable. Learn more at

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