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May 26, 2017 10:37 ET

Tronox to become the largest producer of TiO2 in the world upon the acquisition of Cristal

Tronox Limited announces a definitive agreement to acquire the Titanium Dioxide production assets of Cristal (The National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited)

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - May 26, 2017) - In February 2017, Tronox Limited announced a definitive agreement to acquire the Titanium Dioxide production assets of Cristal (The National Titanium Dioxide Company Limited), a privately held global chemical and mining company with eight manufacturing plants. With the acquisition of Cristal's Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) production assets, Tronox will become the largest producer of TiO2 in the world, and enable them to expand their line of quality products. A global leader in mining and production of inorganic minerals and chemicals, Tronox currently operates four chemical manufacturing plants in three countries, with three TiO2 pigment plants in the USA, Netherlands, and Australia. As well, the company operates mines in South Africa and Australia. Tronox Limited products are available in Canada through Canada Colours and Chemicals Limited (CCC Chemicals) (, a leading chemical distributor and full-service provider of over 5,000 commodity and specialty products.

Titanium Dioxide is the most widely used white pigment due to its brightness, superior hiding power, and capacity to reflect light. It provides whiteness and opacity in coatings, construction, and countless products such as paper, plastics, inks, and paint. It also is commonly used in many foods, cosmetics and in sun blocks. Accounting for 70% of total worldwide production volume of pigments, TiO2 is the most important white pigment used today. In addition to being an effective white colorant, TiO2's greatest benefit is providing opacity. It provides opacity by scattering visible light by bending the light before it reaches the substrate. There is no real alternative to TiO2 for efficiently developing opacity.

Tronox Limited offers several products utilizing Titanium Dioxide, available in Canada through CCC Chemicals. Tronox offerings include:

TRONOX® CR-828 is a universal multipurpose grade zirconia/alumina-treated rutile pigment for interior and exterior coating applications. It combines optical properties with excellent durability and provides excellent gloss, ease of dispersion and outstanding opacifying power with maximum tint strength and brightness. It is recommended for all classes of coatings. Applications include architectural, industrial and maintenance, automotive base coats, and interior and exterior coatings.

TRONOX® CR-826 is a dense silica/alumina-treated rutile pigment with good optical properties. It is recommended for architectural, industrial, and powder coatings due to its high gloss, easy dispersion, exceptional tinting strength, and gloss retention in exterior applications. Its durability colour retention and chalk resistance also make it ideal for plastic and rubber applications, including vinyl siding, window frames, fencing, agricultural film, and outdoor furniture.

TRONOX® CR-834 is a low-alumina-treated rutile general-purpose grade pigment that offers high brightness, tint strength, and a blue undertone. It is used extensively in PCV and engineering resins due to its broad compatibility and ease in processing. It's also used in a wide variety of extruded and injection molded products and is listed under NSF Standard 14/61. TRONOX® CR-880 is a dense silica alumina treated, super durable, rutile titanium dioxide pigment grade used in coatings, plastics, and rubber applications. In coatings applications, it provides exceptional chalk and yellowing resistance, high gloss, and colour retention outdoors. It is extremely durable, has excellent opacifying power and dispersibility. In plastics applications, it excels in the harshest environments with consistent colour hold and brightness retention, thus reducing product variability over time.

"Tronox is a world leader in mining, production, and marketing of inorganic minerals and chemicals and serve a broad range of industries, and now, are now a global leader in TiO2. Tronox's acquisition of Cristal's Titanium Dioxide production will augment their impressive product line. I believe the acquisition will hugely benefit our customers. As one of Canada's foremost chemical distributors, our customers trust CCC Chemicals to supply only the highest quality chemicals from proven and reliable sources. We look forward to continuing grow our long relationship with Tronox Limited," remarks Patrick Haineault, Vice President of CCC Chemicals.

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